Auntie Anne's Teamed Up With Oreo for New Menu Offering That's Dividing Fans

Auntie Anne's store sign, Oreo cookies

For many, Auntie Anne's pretzels are strictly a salty treat, often paired with cheese dip. It makes sense then that fans were divided by the pretzel shop teaming up with Oreo for a new potential menu offering.

On Saturday, April 27, food blogger Snackolator shared via Instagram that Auntie Anne's is testing Oreo Topped Nuggets in select stores.

"I never thought about putting OREOs on pretzels and now I can't think about anything else!' they captioned a post featuring a photo of the menu item.

Snackolator explained that Auntie Anne's topped its Original Soft Pretzel Nuggets with cookies-and-cream icing and crushed Oreo pieces, describing it as a "salty and sweet combo in the best ways."

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In the comments, Instagram users shared their reactions to Auntie Anne's potential new menu offering—and fans were divided in their opinions.

Some folks were excited about the idea of the sweet-and-salty Oreo feature, with one person declaring, "I hope these are available at all locations soon!" A second Instagram user wrote, "It definitely sound good together," while another shared, "Take my money 🤤."

Meanwhile, other customers weren't so sure that pretzels and Oreo cookies were a winning combination. One Instagram user commented, "Their pretzels 🥨 are delicious & I like Oreos, but this sounds gross, lol 😆."

Yet another person commented, "No thank you," while someone else bluntly declared, "Yea no."

What do you think of Auntie Anne's Oreo Topped Nuggets? Would you try them?

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