Audrey Nuna Dives Into Digital Fashion in Collaboration With SYKY

Korean-American R&B artist Audrey Nuna is releasing new music in digital style. In collaboration with luxury fashion platform SYKY, the team dropped a new collection which will be used as the cover art of her single, "Jokes on Me," as well as featured in the lyric video.

Designed by SYKY Collective member Fanrui Sun, the collection dubbed "Glamour as Armor'' incorporates two digital outfits. The first, called "SYMPHONY," is a metallic spiked suit reminiscent of a warrior's armor. Its form resembles a part of her body, growing out of it and evolving into an indestructible shell. The artist shares that she intended for these suits to protect Nuna on her journey and to become a part of her own strength. The second outfit, "GALACTIC," is a gender-neutral suit designed with futuristic material effects – combining silhouettes from both streetwear and space.

Sun tells us about her curation journey, sharing that "After watching Audrey's music video, [she] was deeply moved by her power and sensed her struggle, growth and strength." The designer continues, sharing her excitement on the collaboration: "I'm extremely grateful for this type of opportunity and am thrilled to be working together with SYKY as they build a platform for the future of fashion."

The "Glamour as Armor" collection is available for purchase through the brand's website for 0.016 ETH each and through AR try-on. Collection owners will also have the chance to receive exclusive perks such as downloading the 3D files of the outfits and joining Sun and Nuna for a virtual hangout.

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