Ashley Graham praised for nude pregnancy snap

Ashley Graham walking the runway in lingerie
Ashley Graham announced recently that she's expecting her first baby. Photo: Getty Images

Ashley Graham may have waited a few months to announce her pregnancy, but she’s no longer keeping things under wraps.

Just days after the model and husband Justin Ervin broke the news of their upcoming arrival — who will be the couple’s first child — last Wednesday, Ashley has shared a photo of her nude, pregnant body on Instagram.

“Same same but a little different,” the body-positive star commented of her revealing pic, which proudly highlights her curves and stretch marks in all their glory.

The intimate photo — clearly intended to help demystify and break down taboos regarding pregnancy and body image — has been with met with a hugely positive response from fans and celebrity pals like Lady Antebellum’s Hillary Scott.

“My Lord, THANK YOU for this,” Hillary wrote.

“Just a little bit more of love (if possible!),” read another comment, while another fan dubbed it “the body of a woman creating life”.

Ashley’s spirit of self-love also spilled over into the comments section, where countless followers thanked her for reflecting their own bodies.

“I feel seen ... I finally see my body,” a fan wrote.

“I freaking love you for this,” added a commenter. “THIS is what real women look like. This is me, what I look like. Fabulous empowering amazing beautiful fearless!!!”

“This gives me strength,” another follower wrote. “You don't know how much it means to women like me to see we're not that different and help us try to feel comfortable in our own skin. One day I wish I could do the same.”

“I have never felt so ‘seen’ before in all of my 32 years,” a fan commented. “Thank you for your beautiful representation!!”

Since announcing her pregnancy, Ashley has also shared footage from her workouts, telling fans that she’s feeling “flexible and strong.”

Words by Erin Donnelly

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