Another MAFS editing fail puts Mick in two places at once

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Mick is clearly seen chatting to Mark at the dinner party. Photo: Channel Nine

Despite all the drama that unfolded during Wednesday night’s episode of Married at First Sight, viewers were once again left scratching their heads, after spotting an editing fail that pretty much put Mick in two places at once.

As the couples gathered for the week’s dinner party, fans noticed that Mick, looking dapper in a clean shirt and white dress jacket, was already sitting on the couches chatting to other couples, before he had actually arrived at the event.

Farmer Mick can be seen holding a beer and sitting down to chat to Mark during one scene, not long after the dinner party got underway.

A few moments later, he is then sitting next to Dan and chatting, his shirt clearly visible to the right of screen.

That’s Mick sitting next to Dan in his jeans and white dress jacket. Photo: Channel Nine

But while it seemed Mick was sitting in the room with the other contestants, he must also have been waiting outside of the room, as seconds later, he and Jessika walk into the dinner party.

And fans shared the editing fail on Twitter, accusing producers of not “even trying anymore”.

Mick and Jess have arrived. Photo: Channel Nine

It’s the latest of a host of editing fails that have left fans confused but also in stitches at various points throughout the season.

Just the night before there was a blunder during a scene where Susie’s dad Steve came to visit her and Billy at their homestay, after his daughter reportedly called him in tears over the state of her marriage.

A chat between Steve and Billy features a disappearing glass and cigarette. He’s seen lighting up a cigarette and holding it in one hand, while swirling a drink in the other.

The camera then swaps to a shot where Steve throws both hands up in clear view of the lens – neither of which are holding a cigarette. Just seconds later he is back puffing on another lit cigarette, leaving eagle-eyed viewers scratching their heads at how the conversation had been altered for effect.

Steve took his TV son-in-law for a stern talking to on the house’s verandah. Photo: Channel Nine
When the cameras swap back to their original positioning Steve shows both hands in clear view of the lens – neither of which are holding a cigarette. Photo: Channel Nine

Another episode featured a host of editing mishaps in scenes with Jessika, before and after the dinner part last week.

Jess had woken up slightly worse for wear after the dinner party and fans noticed she had red nail polish on her fingers which, of course, is perfectly normal – except that she had nude nails at the dinner party.

Waking up feeling “terrible”, Jess shared her regret about the dinner party the night before, but she appeared to have some different nail polish on. Source: Nine

And fast forward to that evening’s commitment ceremony, Jess was back to the nude polish.

The same commitment ceremony came with it’s own awkward cuts.

Jessika and Mick were talking to the experts on the couch, but as the camera then cuts to concerned looking MAFS expert John Aitken, and then moves to Mike who appears to be engrossed the conversation, you’ll have seen Jess to the right of screen (who of course was meant to be on the couch with Mick) sitting next to Mike.

Jess appeared to look concerned about her own conversation – or perhaps it was just a bit of an editing fail. Source: Nine

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