Mark Orval, YouTube star ‘Angry Dad’, reveals shock cancer diagnosis

Kristine Tarbert
·Features and Health Editor

Popular Aussie Youtuber 'Angry Dad' has shared an emotional post with his followers online revealing he has been diagnosed with aggressive prostate cancer.

The 53-year-old, whose real name is Mark Orval, said "concerning test results" eventually led to the devastating diagnosis but while this was a private matter he wanted to urge all men at risk to "get tested".

itsangrydad mark orval
Mark Orval has revealed he has prostate cancer. Photo: Instagram/itsangrydad

“This is the hardest post I have ever done but I feel the need to do it for several reasons,” he wrote.

“My life motto has and always will be about honesty, so as I go about my life I can’t be fake, so right now when someone asks me how you going I am not going to say ‘I’m fine’.... because I’m not.”

At this stage he said more tests needed to be done to see whether the cancer had spread anywhere else and to determine his treatment plan.

“I regrettably missed my annual test last year due to Covid and whilst that now doesn’t matter and can’t change things it highlights the importance of regular tests. 12 months earlier my results were perfect!”

Mark, who is also a former AFL player, said he lost his mother to cancer just months ago and, revealing this news was a "massive shock".

"This isn’t about sympathy, rather it’s about highlighting the reality of life as I am not the first and won’t be the last to face a life challenge and believe me I will hit this harder than I have ever hit anything in my life," he added.

Youtube star angry dad
He rose to fame after his sons started filming his outbursts. Photo: Youtube

Angry Dad first rose to fame in 2015 when his sons, Mitchell and Dylan, secretly filmed his expletive-laden tirades and posted them online.

His wife Sharon also shared a tribute to her husband, revealing the family was "heartbroken" by the news.

“Our family is heartbroken for you, but we are so proud of your courage and strength, just like your beautiful mum and dad showed,” she said.

“While it’s going to be a journey, we remain positive and look forward to our future and happiness. I’m mostly proud that your using your platform and this opportunity to remind all men to be please get regularly tested for prostate cancer.

“It’s a very simple blood test and can save your life. Please do it.”

angry dad Mark and wife sharon and daughter
He said 'concering test results' led to the diagnosis. Photo: Instagram/itsangrydad

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