Inside MKR stars Josh and Austin's 'nasty' kitchen

Kristine Tarbert
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If you thought Josh and Austin’s instant restaurant was already a disaster on last night’s episode of My Kitchen Rules, then you might be shocked to find that things behind the scenes were even worse.

The outspoken pair not only served raw chicken for their main meal, but they delivered it to dinner guests over four hours late.

And now their fellow contestants have revealed it wasn’t just the food that turned their night into “armageddon”.

Apparently the home, which the boys share with their parents, was an absolute “mess” – to the point where some teams were turned off eating altogether.

“It was a mess. We got in and we saw dead cockroaches, cat poop,” Andy told New Idea.

“Their house was nasty.”

Andy and Ruby slammed the boy’s instant restaurant. Photo: Channel 7

And the horror only continued from there as the guests were made to wait hours for food, with filming reportedly not wapping up until 5am, when they ordered takeaway because most of the food was ‘inedible’.

“We were about to turn into cannibals,” Andy told the publication.

“It was the worst day of my life.”

The boys were slammed for their ‘inedible’ food. Photo: Channel 7

That drama was the final straw for Manu who told the boys on the show, “This is ridiculous” and “I’m so disappointed”.

“After 10 years, there’s a certain expectation that you wish for, and when I see a team that walks in and is pretty casual about the competition, it’s just going to rub me the wrong way,” Manu previously told Yahoo Lifestyle about the incident.

Manu was ‘disappointed’ in what Josh and Austin served. Photo: Channel 7

Josh and Austin served heart stopper chicken lollipops with garlic mash for their main meal, but neither Manu or fellow judge Pete Evans were raving about their “watery” mash and “raw” chicken that arrived four hours and 20 minutes after their entree.

“I’m so, so disappointed right now,” Manu told the contestants after tasting the dish.

“You’ve been sitting around this table treating people… like telling their food is terrible. You’re not even capable of coming back with the goods.”

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