American viewers slam Australian MAFS stars: 'Won't be watching'

American viewers are finally getting a taste of the Australian version of MAFS after it premiered on Lifetime last week.

While the show is only two episodes in, viewers in the States are already divided with many slamming the show and some loving it.

MAFS 2022 cast
American viewers have finally began watching the 2022 season of Australian MAFS, but not everyone is a fan! Photo: Nine

Those who aren't fans have slammed the show's lack of diversity, the music and the brides' excessive lip filler.

The main things the US viewers hated was the fact most of the men and women on the show are white, whereas in the States reality casts are generally much more diverse.


"No POC [people of colour]. I won't be watching," one viewer wrote.

"Are there no Spanish, Black or Asian people in Australia?" another questioned. "Every season they all look the same."

MAFS Australia Twitter
The 2022 season premiered on Lifetime last week. Photo: Twitter
MAFS' Ella and Mitch
Many American commenters hated the fact there wasn't more diversity on the show. Photo: Nine

"I was thinking the same thing... They're all white with perfect bodies and lip fillers. No diversity whatsoever," a third agreed.

While some suggested that it was simply the 'demographics' in Australia, others argued that producers should do more.

Some viewers even jokingly questioned whether any Australians have "real lips".

Other viewers complained about the background music, saying they couldn't hear what was actually going on, with one user joking, "What's with the melodramatic songs? It's marriage, not war."

MAFS' Tamara
Others jokingly questioned whether any Australians had 'real lips'. Photo: Nine

Another said they couldn't understand the Australian accent, "I can't keep up with what they're saying with the accent."

While many criticised the show, others shared their love for it, with one user writing, "Love this show! The process [is] so much better than the U.S. version."

"So much better than the U.S. one. It's obviously scripted but the drama makes it worth watching. The U.S. one pretends to be 'real'. Such a bore," another said.

"Can't wait. This is my favourite show. The Aussie version is by far, 150 per cent better than the U.S. version," a third wrote.

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