The $19.99 hat with almost 15k 4.5 star reviews on Amazon

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cheap wide brim sun hat
This $19.99 hat has become a best seller on Amazon Australia. Photo: Amazon Australia.

Protection from the harsh Aussie sun is a must when enjoying the great outdoors, and we’ve found a bargain hat that’s fit for the task.

The EINSKEY men and women’s sun hat has almost 15,000 positive reviews on Amazon with shoppers loving that it has all the features of a more expensive hat for $19.99.

Ideal for hiking, fishing and paddle boarding, it has a wide brim to shade your face, ears and neck and a UPF 50 rating which means it offers excellent protection from cancer-causing UVB and UVA radiation.

It’s also waterproof so it won’t be an issue if you drop it into the ocean, has a chin strap to stop it from being blown it off your head, and ventilation pockets at the sides so you won’t get too sweaty on a really hot day.

A very similar UPF 50, wide brim hat from Solbari costs $70, which is one the reasons it’s become a best seller on Amazon.

sun hat
It keeps the sun and rain off your face while you're enjoying the great outdoors. Photo: Amazon Australia

One thing this unisex design is not however, is super fashionable, and as one shopper put it, the hat “blocks all the sun, but also repels all the ladies”.


A boater hat or akubra would be the more obvious choice if aesthetics is your top priority, but practicality often comes higher on the list for those who spend a lot of time outdoors. Plus, you get a choice of colours between navy, brown, dark green, grey and khaki.

Sun hat with built-in mozzie protection

BuzzGUARD’s wide brim unisex hat is a similar sun hat that usually retails for $59.98 however is currently on sale at Kathmandu for $35.99.

hat from BuzzGUARD
This hat from BuzzGUARD has been treated with an insect repelling spray to keep the flies away. Photo: Kathmandu ​​

It’s UPF protective, has a chin strap and an optional neck flap that you can roll down for extra shade across the back of your neck, plus, it’s made of a material that’s been infused with an odourless insect repellant so it should keep flies and mozzies from buzzing near your face.

One shopper described it as, "the perfect hat for hiking," saying, "The wide brim shelters your face from the sun and rain and it doesn’t matter if it gets wet as it dries quickly."

Another affordable sun hat is the Oz Smart wide brim hat that’s only $19.99 on Amazon Australia, and although it doesn’t have as many positive reviews as the EINSKEY one, it has a hole in the back for women with long hair to put their ponytails through.

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