Cotton On drops $49 dupe of $94 Oodie in Christmas prints

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Cotton On  Christmas-themed oversized blanket hoodies
Cotton On has released a Christmas-themed range off oversized blanket hoodies for kids and adults.

Aussie Christmases tend to be quite warm, but that hasn’t stopped Cotton On from releasing a new range of festive-themed hooded blankets for the whole family.

The Snuggets, as they’re called, are fleecy oversized hoodies that look very similar to lockdown cult buy the Oodie.

Just like the Oodie, the Snugget has a velvety soft feel on the outside and is lined on the inside with a woolly fleece to keep you cosy and warm. It even has similar cuffed sleeves and a large kangaroo pouch across the front, but it feels a fair bit thinner than the Oodie, almost as though it’s missing a layer of fabric in between.

Christmas-themed kids oodie
Oodie also has one Christmas-themed kids design, currently on sale for $69. Photo: Oodie

The Cotton On version is also significantly cheaper and is priced at $49.99 for kids and $69.99 for adults, whereas an Oodie will set you back $94 for a children’s size and $109 for an adult’s when not on sale, however, many styles have currently been discounted to $69 for kids and $84 for adults.

Another difference is that Cotton On’s Snugget comes in three sizes for kids starting with an adorably tiny design for two to four-year-old toddlers and going up to a size for eight to 10 year-olds, while the Oodie just comes in one kids size that’s supposed to fit children from ages three to 13.

Christmas themed Snuggets

The new Christmas range of prints has just dropped and includes a grey hooded blanket with reindeers across it, a red one with a Grinch print, a blue Santa print design and an orange gingerbread one that are currently only available online.

cotton on kids oodie
The kids' version comes in sizes 2-4, 5-7 and 8-10, and the adults is a one-size-fits-all. Photo: Cotton On

In store you’ll find a sloth and Santa hat design and an Aussie Christmas themed print, however stock is limited.

The Christmas prints also come in a unisex, one-size-fits-all adult’s size so you can have the whole family in matching ones.

Cheaper Oodie knockoffs

A $29 Kmart dupe of the Oodie went viral earlier this year but it’s no longer available as it was part of a limited winter range.

However, there are a number of brands selling very similar hooded blankets and oversized blanket hoodies in Australia including Big W that has kids sizes from $35 and adults from $40, and Adairs that has kids sizes from $70 and adults from $90.

cheap oodie The Comfy hooded blanket
The Comfy's hooded blankets are available for $60 on Amazon Australia. Photo: Amazon Australia

The original hooded blanket

The Comfy is another very similar product that’s sold on Amazon Australia, and while it only comes in a limited range of plain colours, its thickness and softness is very similar to the Oodie.

In fact, the US based The Comfy is the brand that first put hooded blankets on the market after its creators went on Shark Tank with the idea back in 2017.

You can pick up an adult’s The Comfy for $60 and a kid’s one for $30.

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