Amandla Stenberg once accidentally crashed a furry dance party: 'I was just having the time of my life'

Amandla Stenberg once accidentally crashed a furry dance party: 'I was just having the time of my life'

"The Acolyte" star followed some EDM music down the rabbit hole and ended up dancing with furries.

The Fur-ce is strong with Amandla Stenberg.

While visiting The Tonight Show on Monday, The Acolyte star, who uses she/they pronouns, recalled their experience accidentally crashing a furry dance party during Star Wars Celebration last year. To make matters even more ruff, Stenberg revealed that they just so happened to be wearing a bunny hat when they stumbled upon the scene.

“I went back to my hotel [after the convention] and I put on my bunny hat and I heard this EDM music coming from outside and I was like, ‘What is that?’” Stenberg told Jimmy Fallon. “So I followed it, naturally, and I went downstairs… and in front of me there was this park — it was so beautiful, the light was shining down — and in the park was like, 50 furries.”

Stenberg added, “That’s when I realized that the Venn diagram of Star Wars fans and furries exists.”

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<p>Rosalind O'Connor/NBC via Getty</p> Amandla Stenberg with Jimmy Fallon

Rosalind O'Connor/NBC via Getty

Amandla Stenberg with Jimmy Fallon

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The Hate U Give star said that they “floated down” into the park where the furries “welcomed me with open arms” and began dancing with them. “I was just having the time of my life and it didn’t even occur to me — I was like, ‘Oh, they think that I, too, am a furry,’” Stenberg remarked. “And now, we are congregating together in this beautiful — it was honesty beautiful.”

Fallon then showed video footage of Stenberg, sporting a pink bunny hat, happily bouncing around to the Vengaboys’ “We Like to Party” alongside two furries. “Oh my God,” the host said, trying to hold his laughter.

After a quick dance break, Stenberg went back to their hotel to get their belongings to “spend the rest of the day with the furries,” only to find them no longer there when they returned.

“My heart shattered. I was so, so sad,” Stenberg said as they began to laugh. “I really felt like, I was like, ‘Did I hallucinate that? Am I okay?’ And then I started scouring the streets, I was like, ‘Excuse me, sir, have you seen a group of people in mascot costumes?’ And people are like, ‘No?’ And I’m like, running from street to street looking for them.”

Then, they spotted a girl wearing cat ears. “I follow her and she leads me to, I would say, a more exclusive furry meet-up," Stenberg explained. "Where they’re all like, reclined on these steps, it’s a little more Gossip Girl kind of energy. Like, it’s more elite.”

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Eager to fit in, Stenberg flipped their bunny ears in silent greeting and was welcomed back to the furry function.

“I really do understand furries now, and I didn’t understand them before but, it was so nice to just not have to say anything and just wave your paws around and I think that’s what life is really about," they said. “Furries are great. I think people really misconceived them.”

Watch Stenberg talk about their furry festivities in the clip above.

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