Alina Habba Cuts Celery — And Social Media Makes Cutting Remarks In Response

The claim that former President Donald Trumpcut the cheese during his hush money trial remains unconfirmed.

However, no one can deny that his attorney, Alina Habba, has a puzzling (and slightly dangerous) approach to cutting celery.

That’s because Ron Filipkowski, a former Republican and prosecutor who’s a vocal Trump critic, shared a video on Monday of Habba chopping up the vegetable as part of a brisket she made for Passover.

Filipkowski told HuffPost the video was made at Siggy Flicker’s home. According to Filipkowski, Flicker, a Real Housewives of New Jersey cast member, is Habba’s best friend. Flicker originally posted the video on her Instagram account.

Habba is still representing Trump in media appearances but is not representing him at the hush money trial, hence the reason she was free to cook the brisket.

On X, formerly Twitter, Flicker posted a photo of Habba working on the meal, along with a recipe and a terrible pun ― #HABBAANICEPASSOVER ― as a hashtag.

However, people made a lot of cutting remarks after Filipkowski shared the video of Habba’s sawing — sorry — chopping skills.

Of course, many people weren’t impressed by the cooking tutorial.