Ali Wong reveals how new beau Bill Hader first wooed her


Ali Wong has opened up about her love life with boyfriend and "Saturday Night Live" alum Bill Hader in a recent stand-up set.

Key points:

  • Wong shared the details on her May 12 set at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, the last day of this year's Netflix Is a Joke festival.

  • Hader's persistence, she said, won her over after her divorce.

  • The couple went public with their romance in December 2022.

The details:

  • Wong and her ex-husband Justin Hakuta announced their separation after eight years of marriage in April 2022.

  • The comedian confessed to a packed crowd that she had just signed up for a dating app when Hader reached out to her.

  • “I get a phone call from this guy who I met at a dinner party in the past, and he got my number from a mutual friend,” she explained. “He was like, ‘Hey, I just happened to hear the news about your divorce, and I’ve had a crush on you forever. I actually told my best friend years ago that you were my dream girl, and I know it sounds crazy, but I want you to be my girlfriend.’”

  • Wong said she paid $25 on the app. "You seem really nice, but I gotta get my money’s worth,” she jokingly told Hader.

  • Undeterred, Hader went above and beyond. When Wong flew to Europe for a solo trip, she found flowers waiting for her at every hotel she stayed at.

  • The gesture divided her friends. While her girlfriends found it romantic, her male friends were more suspicious.

  • “That’s how cheap and lazy men have become,” she said in jest. “When a fellow man commits any act of kindness, any romantic gesture, it must be a symptom of an undiagnosed mental illness.”

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  • Netflix is a Joke, a star-studded comedy festival, was held from May 2 to May 12 in Los Angeles this year. It featured over 400 live stand-up shows and other events.


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