Aldi Special Buy panned by shoppers as 'waste of money'

Aldi’s latest Special Buys, featuring a host of eco-friendly and reusable products, mostly flew off the shelves on Saturday, but within days some shoppers started revealing they were not happy with their purchases.

The June 20 Special Buys at the German supermarket featured a host of Joie reusable silicon kitchen accessories, including fridge and freezer safe sandwich bags, for $3.99.

One shopper took to the Aldi Mum’s facebook group on Sunday to ask for advice on how to properly seal the bags.

“Anyone who bought these reusable Silicone Bags yesterday, know how to actual seal them???” the woman asked. “I’m struggling to seal them and just pulling the leaver down doesn’t do much.”

The Aldi catalogue for the Saturday Special Buys. Photo: Facebook/Aldi
The Aldi catalogue for the Saturday Special Buys. Photo: Facebook/Aldi

The post was quickly flooded with comments from other shoppers admitting they didn’t like the reusable bags, with some even calling the purchase a “waste of money”.

“Bought them. Hate them. Washing them and letting them dry is a pain,” one person admitted.

“I gave mine to my hubby to add to his fishing collection - waste of money,” another revealed.

While a third added she had already decided against the purchase in the shop: “With great difficulty! I could barely work them out in the store so I didn’t bother buying. Way too time consuming and fiddly for me I’m afraid.”

The original poster seemed to agree and decided she would return the items.

“Yeah I’m not digging them. Think I’ll return them,” she added.

There were however some who defended the products, saying they had no issues with them.

“You just close it - the seal is water tight. I just put the lever down, nothing else,” one person commented.

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