Does Aldi’s Anti-snore pillow actually work?

When budget supermarket Aldi offered up a pretty convincing solution to put a stop to snoring, shoppers understandably snapped it up.

But does it really work? The Aldi Anti-Snore Pillow promises to ‘reduce snoring’ thanks to its S-shaped foam insert which encourages side sleeping and opens airways.

woman blocking ears in bed aldi
Could Aldi have the solution to your snoring problem? Photo: Getty

While there have been dozens of anti-snore solutions to hit the market - from mouth guards to adhesive nose strips - this seems like a definite quick fix.


But the popular Special Buy, which went on sale on January 19, hasn’t quite convinced everyone that it actually works.

After one curious shopper asked for reviews of the $19.99 ‘Kirkton House’ branded pillow on an Aldi fan’s Facebook page, she was met with dozens of opinions.

Aldi anti-snore pillow
Does it really work? The Aldi Anti-Snore Pillow has been met iwth mixed reviews. Source: Aldi

The reviews are in

“Nope, I still wake myself up snoring. Maybe not! Actually, it's more like being shaken awake by the other half, which feels Iike an earthquake hitting me, but ya'know I don't want to start a debate! So I gracefully admit that I am a freight train!” one person wrote.

“Completely useless unless using it to suffocate him. I bought one in desperate hope that it would make any sort of difference,” joked another.

“It may give you a better sleeping position but generally there is an underlying issue for snoring,” stated a third.

Unfortunately, almost everyone thought that while comfortable, the pillow didn’t actually impact or stop snoring in any way.

In fact, most said it felt just like a ‘normal pillow’.

Shoppers find the funny side

The request for reviews, however, did start a hilarious post with several women joking about how they actually stop their husbands from snoring.

“I gave my partner his own room that didn't work can still hear him,” one woman quipped.

“Only if you stick it over your head to block out the noise,” joked another.

Meanwhile, another woman added to the hilarity, saying: “This is an amazing product I swear by it! I only had to hit my husband over the head with it 10 times a night instead of the 20 times I would with a regular average pillow! Very heavyweight and durable.”

Shot of a young woman covering her ears with a pillow while her husband snores in bed
The review post quickly turned into a hilarious thread of women sharing stories of their snoring husbands. Source: Getty Images

This isn’t the first time the Anti-Snore pillow has hit shelves on Australian shores. It first launched in January 2021 after being extremely popular in the UK.

The reviews weren’t all bad

At the time, the newly launched pillow received rave reviews with one woman sharing that she trialed the Special Buy pillow on three snorers in her family for four weeks.

“It really works,” she said at the time.

“We noticed very short periods of snoring (if any) that are less loud. We also noticed almost no snore at all. Better rested sleep patterns, happier partners.

“I would recommend this pillow to anyone with snore issues, it’s worth trying. We couldn’t believe how effective it has been. Really satisfied customers/family!”

Aldi anti-snore pillow
While there were several reviews that said the pillow didn't work, there were some very happy customers who loved the pillow. Source: Aldi

Another confirmed that the pillow had helped her husband too.

“I got the gel pillow for hubby who snores a lot and his snoring has been greatly reduced...thank you Aldi,” she wrote.

While the pillow has had mixed reviews, some pointed out that snoring can be impacted by an individual’s health, weight and other health conditions.

So it appears there’s only one real way to test if the Aldi Anti-Snore Pillow really works. Grab one for yourself and test it out!

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