Aldi shoppers go wild for Aussie mum's $1.50 Aldi dinner trick

The super simple budget meal is a huge hit.

If it feels like you are constantly searching for super simple dinner ideas, this Aldi trick might just be exactly what you're after. A Victorian mum has shared her quick and easy idea to feed her family a tasty meal for just $1.50 per serving.

Letting fellow Aldi fans in on her hassle-free dinnertime solution, she said the store’s ready-made Wagyu Beef Meatballs make the best hamburger patties that fit perfectly in the store's 12-pack of $7 brioche buns.

Aldi burger hack
Aldi's $7 Wagyu Beef meatballs teamed with the $7 mini brioche buns make the perfect budget dinner. Photo: Facebook

"My kids love the hamburgers I make from the meatballs and brioche buns. It works out to like $1.50 each. Just squash the meatballs flat between baking paper," she wrote on a Facebook page for Aldi fans.

Her idea was an instant dinner winner, with dozens of others saying they "loved" it. "Ohhhh, I'm going to make these for my kids today... great idea!" one person commented, with another adding, "Wow! They look yummy!"

One impressed shopper said she'd tried the hack after seeing her post and declared it a success, saying: "I just did this for lunch, and they were a hit!"


The $7 pack of 12 meatballs can go even further, especially when feeding a crowd, with some adding that they were big enough to break in half again — making 24 mini burger patties.

Apart from being the answer to a budget weeknight meal, the hack is also being praised as the perfect on-the-go camping meal or feeding unexpected guests.

Other creative cooks said they’ve also used Aldi’s ready-made meatballs to make "the perfect" sausage rolls or "money bags" dumplings by wrapping them in pastry and baking.

Aldi burger hack
The super simple slider hack can be dished up with just meat and sauce or with all the burger toppings. Photo: Facebook

It wasn’t long before others started sharing their handy dinner hacks to save even more time when whipping up the simple sliders.

“Here’s my take on it - easy as slider burgers smashed flat then straight into the freezer for easier retrieval and thaw time, layered between small freezer bags,” one person shared.

Another shared that you can whip them up in the microwave by cooking them for five minutes on one side and three minutes on the other.


"I cook in the microwave in a microwave crockery dish. Just a light finish in a pan on the stove with sauces, etc. Served with mashed potato & mixed veg. Yummmm!" another shared.

But it's not just the mini burgers that are getting Aldi fans talking — they also can't get enough of a Big Mac sauce dupe. The Magnifisauce promises to be a "totally bangin' burger sauce", and the reviews are pretty good. "I wasn't sure what to expect, but this sauce is surprisingly good! Tastes a lot like either the Macca's Big Mac or Betty's Burger sauce," one impressed shopper wrote.

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