'I've never read the packet': Aldi shoppers baffled by bizarre instructions on popular item

Aldi shoppers have been left gobsmacked after one customer realised that they’ve been cooking their microwave popcorn wrong this whole time.

Most people know that you have to put the packet into the microwave the right way up and it generally takes about three minutes for all the kernels to pop, but this shopper may have discovered why there’s always some rogue kernels left down the bottom of the bag.

Aldi microwave popcorn instructions
Aldi shoppers have been left baffled by the instructions on the microwave popcorn. Photo: Facebook

“Aldi popcorn.. does anyone actually do this?,” she captioned a photo of ‘Popping Hints’ on the back of the pack.

“For best results, preheat the microwave oven by heating a cup of water for one minute on high. Remove cup of water before popping corn,” the instructions read.

The response to the post was fast, with people commenting saying they’ve never used this hack before.

“Omg I've never read the packet,” one person wrote, while another said: “Can’t say iv ever actually looked at the instructions just cook it till it stops popping”.

cooking popcorn in the microwave
Turns out, we might have been cooking popcorn wrong this whole time. Photo: Getty Images

One woman decided to try it out for herself to see if the hack actually works.

“Yes and it actually works! I’m weird and read instructions just to see if manufacturers know their s***,” she wrote.

When asked what the difference was, she replied saying all the kernels popped and the butter melted all over the popcorn.

However, another person said they also gave it a go and they didn’t notice a difference at all.

I guess this is our excuse to whip out the microwave popcorn on a Tuesday night.

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