Aldi mum's Easter school lunch box trick divides opinion

Kristine Tarbert
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An Aldi shopper has shared the sweet Easter lunch box trick she created for her daughter, but the idea sparked some debate online.

“An Easter themed lunch for my six-year-old for her last day of term tomorrow!” she captioned the photos shared in a Lunchbox ideas Facebook group.

Can you work it out?

aldi mum easter hollow eggs lunch box trick
One mum created this clever easter lunch box. Photo: Facebook

“I so wish I could watch her face when she opens up her lunchbox!" she added.

Using 24 hollow plastic Easter eggs from the popular supermarket, the mum filled them with different snacks including grapes, crackers, cheese, meat and a sneaky little easter egg.


Many people praised the lunch as "genius" and "delightful", with one even calling it the "coolest mum move".

“This would make my daughter smile. She would love this," another person wrote.

However, a few people were critical of the idea as they thought it would make other kids feel jealous.

aldi easter egg lunch box
Some criticised the idea for being too 'OTT' while others thought it was 'delightful'. Photo: Facebook

“Let’s be honest it was only done so the mum got credit, nothing to do with kids,” was another response.

But plenty were quick to defend the idea.

“My kids would come home and talk about the awesome lunch that another super-lucky kid had! They wouldn’t think they should’ve had it too or that they had missed out," one wrote.

While another said: “Forget the nasty comments, not your problem if other kids get upset because their mum didn’t do the same."

Lunchbox debates are a regular occurrence on social media. Back in February another Aussie mum's photo of her son’s school lunchbox sparked debate.

The lunchbox in question was filled with a meat sandwich, an LCM bar, a packet of Twisties, an apple, and a Tupperware of crackers with cheese, with the mum asking “Is this enough food for a Grade 4 boy?” 

It also led to a flurry of responses, with some helpful replies, while others were quick to criticise the mum calling out the ‘processed meat’.

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