Mum's warning after 'dangerous' Aldi Di-San spray misstep

A mum has revealed a scary misstep after Aldi’s famous $1.25 ‘miracle’ Di-San spray left her physically ill, and warned other cleaning enthusiasts against doing the same.

Taking to a Facebook Aldi fan page, the mum in question revealed that she had mixed the Di-San spray with popular mould bleach product Mould Away to clean her bathroom grout.

Photo of Aldi Di san Ultra degreaser spray in warning against chemical mixture cleaning household products
Mixing the Di San spray with other chemicals left one mum feeling physically ill. Photo: Facebook

While the combination left her floor transformed, the mum also found herself feeling faint with a headache and nauseous tummy after mixing the chemicals.

Reading the back of the spray, as she discovered a common warning against combining the product with other chemicals.

“WARNING DON'T MIX DI SAN WITH OTHER CHEMICALS!!!” she captioned a snap of the circled warning.

“I used this mix to clean grout on floor... Yes it worked.”

“But this mix of DI SAN and Mould Away gave me headaches and nausea and I [didn’t] think about checking the labels!!!!”

Warning on Aldi Di San bottle 'Do Not Mix with other chemicals' after mum left sick mixing Di San and Mould Away
The product's safety warning against mixing came as a shock to the poor mum. Photo: Facebook

The woman had previously wowed users with her floor’s dramatic grout transformation, but it seems she risked paying a dangerous price.

Di-San, like most chemical products, contains a warning against mixing with other chemicals.

Contact between different agents can have unexpected and sometimes poisonous effects, in this case, the fumes leaving the woman physically ill.


Some say avoiding chemical mixing is ‘common sense’

Though many were sympathetic when she shared her experience, plenty argued that mixing chemicals is a well known ‘no no’ in the world of cleaning.

“You should never mix chemicals in the first place it’s common sense,” one wrote

“Yep, scary chemicals go boom,” another joked.

Other pointed out the Mould Away product is notoriously strong on its own, let alone mixed with something else.

“It could just be the Mould Away, my head is awful after I use even with windows open, it's such a great product though,” one wrote.

Some warn against cleaning ‘fads’ without proper instructions

Tiles before after dangerous Di san Mould Away mixture cleaning
The mixture effectively banished her tile grout, but many warned against following online cleaning fads without reading labels. Photo: Facebook

Others took a slightly more serious tone, pointing out that labels should always be referred to before following a new cleaning fad.

“Thanks for sharing your experience and for reminding us to always check the labels regardless of all the new trends popping out of the net,” one cleaning lover wrote.

“No household cleaning product should ever be mixed with other chemicals,” another agreed.

“For instance, bleach and ammonia make mustard gas [a chemical-warfare agent]. This post is a great reminder that it’s a dangerous practice.”

“Thanks for sharing and warning other members I didn’t know either,” another agreed.

The warning is timely given the uptick in deep cleaning as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and a desire to regularly disinfect surfaces.

The Therapeutic Goods Administration warns against mixing chemicals when it comes to cleaning in their online coronavirus prevention fact sheets.

“Care should be taken with respect to any hazard warnings and you should always use the products in a well-ventilated area,” they say of bleaches and disinfectants.

“You should also not mix different cleaning [or] disinfection products together.”

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