Aldi's 'miracle' Di-San transforms tiles in epic DIY

Aldi’s popular Di-San spray has done it again folks, with an incredible transformation of bathroom tiles going viral on social media this week.

The Aldi product has often been hailed a ‘miracle worker’ and now a woman has shared the incredible results after using the Pink ‘degreaser’ spray after fearing she may end up having to completely retile her bathroom.

Aldi Di-san tile transformation
Another successful Aldi Di-San transformation. Photo: Supplied

“I know it’s getting boring but this was too good a result not to post,” Joanne wrote in the Aldi Mums Facebook Group.

“Have never been able to get the dirt off those tiles. Best $1.25 I’ve spent all year.”

Joanne tells Yahoo Lifestyle she simply sprayed one tile with the Di-San, left on for an hour, lightly scrubbed, wiped and then mopped.


She continued in the post: “The tiles are a textured tile chosen for their non-slip qualities. The house was rented out to a tradie years ago and when we moved back in I couldn’t shift the dirt off the tiles in the en-suite no matter what.

“For a fleeting moment I even considered re-tiling the whole floor! Di-San saved me a lot of money right there.”

Aldi Di-san tiles cleaning
Joanne tested the product on one tile before continuing to do the whole floor. Photo: Supplied

The post and photos quickly garnered hundreds of impressed comments, with plenty of people praising the results.

“Looks like a different tile,” one person wrote.

“Wow! Looks awesome! We have textured tiles in our en-suite too and they are hard to mop. I will have to give this a try! Thanks for the tip,” another said.

While a third wrote: “Very impressive! Will definitely add to my shopping list.”

Of course, the wildly popular Aldi spray has been hailed a ‘miracle worker’ for everything from dirty shoes, to oven grease.

But it recently had left several shoppers baffled over a crucial detail many were unaware of. It actually comes in two versions, almost identical save for a tiny difference.

While one product is an ‘oxy action’ the other is an ‘ultra degreaser’, with the oxy action featuring a purple label, while the ‘degreaser’ is exactly the same, with a pink label.

Plenty of people have been hunting the pink version in their local Aldi stores after it became clear that many of the transformations and hacks being posted online were thanks to this version.

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