$4 Aldi buy transformed into perfect Christmas Day treat

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A woman’s Aldi cake hack has caused a flurry of excitement online, after she used a $4 item from the budget supermarket to create a no-bake delight.

Susan Miller took to the Aldi Mums Facebook group to upload a snap of the delicious-looking treat, with many saying it would be ‘awesome for Christmas Day’.

Aldi cake hack
A woman has created an amazing no-bake cake using Aldi crepes. Photo: Facebook

The no-bake cake consists of layers of $4 Food Envy Sweet Crepes from Aldi, all layered together to create a cake which looks like it came straight from a bakery.

“Very clever ! Looks amazing,” one person wrote.

“Omg yumm. My hips just grew,” another said.

Susan shared her secret recipe with the group, revealing she makes sure the crepes were hot first as she finds if they are cold they become rubbery and the cake doesn’t turn out the same.

Then she leaves them on a bench to cool while she mixes 250g of butter at room temperature with 250g of cream cheese at room temperature.


$4 Food Envy Sweet Crepes from Aldi
The no-bake cake consists of layers of $4 Food Envy Sweet Crepes from Aldi. Photo: Facebook

Susan then takes one can of condensed milk and two teaspoons of vanilla essence.

She beats the butter and condensed milk for at least five-seven minutes on high heat until she gets a thick creamy texture.

Then, she adds the cream cheese in two-three tablespoons at a time while beating and adds the vanilla essence in at the end.

Crepe cake
People called it the perfect Christmas Day treat online. Photo: Facebook

Susan spoons two-three tablespoons of the mixture on each crepe, spreading it evenly so the whole thing is covered. She repeats this while layering.

As soon as it's all layered, Susan sticks a skewer in the middle to stop the cake from sliding, covers it with Glad wrap and leaves it in the fridge overnight.

To decorate it, she dusts the top with icing sugar and strawberries.

Susan used two packets of Food Envy Sweet Crepes to create the cake.

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