Aldi's 82" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV sells out immediately: 'Very disappointed'

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Aldi shoppers were very excited for the chance to grab an 82" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV for just $1299 as part of the retailer's Funtertainment Special Buys range, however, it seems many customers lost out with the TVs selling out almost immediately.

"Just waited all morning to get the new 82inch TV and as it went to 8:30 clicked add to cart and said it’s sold out!" one Facebook user wrote in a group. "How did it sell out that fast? Was anyone lucky enough to get one? Or could it be a fault with the website?"

Aldi 82
Aldi fans have been left annoyed that they were unable to get their hands on the 82" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV. Photo: Aldi

"It would be because the other 100000 people had the same idea as you, you were just unlucky," another user responded.

"I bought two this morning, no problem at all," someone else wrote.

"Guys, ever tried to buy tickets to a concert online?" another added. "They can sell out 20/30/40,000 tickets in minutes. So it’s is possible that they did have stock? Just a thought."


"Several people stated they just kept clicking and after loads of 'out of stock' messages the TV was eventually added to their cart," one person shared.

"I tried for the projector and that was gone too," someone else added.

In another group, one user wrote, "So disappointed I waited for well over a week for this TV to be available online only to login at 8.30 this morning added one to my cart only to see 'No stock available'. Was anyone lucky enough to get one?"

The Aldi website
The Aldi website shows the TV is out of stock. Photo: Aldi

"We looked online and there was stock but they don’t deliver to our area," someone wrote in response.

"Me too, feel very disappointed," another said.

In a statement to Yahoo Lifestyle, an Aldi spokesperson said, "Our online exclusive Special Buys have quickly become very popular with shoppers. Today we sold the 82" 4K Ultra HD Smart TV, and on this occasion, we experienced a higher than expected sell-through on the website. It is never our intention to cause disappointment to our customers, and we will always strive to allocate optimal supplies to meet forecasted demand."

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