Al Roker Delivers ‘Cuteness Overload’ With New Photo of Granddaughter Sky

Al Roker

Fans of Today star Al Roker praised the “wonderful grandpa” after he delivered a “cuteness overload” by sharing a new photo of his granddaughter, Sky.

The infant, who turned 10 months old on Friday, May 3, made the weather anchor a first-time grandfather when Roker’s oldest daughter, Courtney, gave birth to her last summer.

In the photo, Sky sat in what looked like a booster seat at the end of a crowded dinner table. Plates of ribeye steak, pureed sweet potatoes, mushrooms, a green salad and more covered the table. Sky, who held her arms outstretched, was the only one whose face was visible in the photo, though another person sat close by in the top left corner.

“My girl was the best thing at the dinner table last night,” Roker, 69, wrote in his Instagram caption before adding that she had enjoyed sampling some of the food items on the family’s dinner menu.

Several of Roker’s fans who commented on his post gushed over how “adorable” his “so precious” granddaughter is.

“She's getting so big and she's adorable 🥰,” one Instagram user wrote as another similarly commented on how Sky is “Beautiful & growing ❤️.”

“Grandparents add so much value and happiness into the lives of grandchildren look at this cutie growing up,” another fan wrote.

“Such a little sweetie pie! 💕💕💕💕,” one fan said as another commented simply on how Roker and his family were “Making memories.”

“Her arms made me think of her Uncle Nick ‘And thatsa wrap!’ 😍,” another fan noted as they referenced an Instagram video Roker posted several years ago featuring the Today show co-host’s son.

Courtney, 35, is the only daughter Roker shares with his ex-wife, Alice Bell. After he married ABC journalist Deborah Roberts in 1995, the two welcomed two children: daughter Leila, 25, and son Nick, 21.

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