Woman's epic hack for leftover Christmas dinner: 'So smart'

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Christmas is all about masses of food with your nearest and dearest: turkey, ham, potatoes and lashings of gravy and cranberry sauce.

But what do you do with the leftovers at the end of the day?

Luckily, one Tiktokker has us sorted.

Family smiling and eating food at Christmas
If you've ever wondered what to do with Christmas Day leftovers, this woman has you covered. Photo: Getty Images

American grandma Barbara Costello (aka Brunch with Babs) loves sharing her motherly or grandmotherly advice and what started as a way to help her daughter through morning sickness has turned into a second career.

Babs has amassed 1.4 million fans on TikTok and another half a million on Instagram who can't wait for her recipes, tips and tricks.

But it is her American Thanksgiving hack which will help Aussie families this Christmas.


Grandma Barbara Costello showing her disposable muffin containers, filling them with leftover Thanksgiving lunch and putting them in the oven.
Grandma Barbara Costello shares an ingenious leftover hack that's perfect for Christmas. Photo: Tiktok/@brunchwithbabs

Babs suggests using disposable foil muffin trays to send home each family member with the perfect serving for the next day.

She fills each cavity with turkey, gravy, potato, cranberry sauce etc and covers them for safe transport.

They can be put straight in the oven to heat up!

Fans hot for the hack

"So smart! Love it!" Kelley wrote on Instagram.

"Great one Babs! Also great way to portion control!! 🙌🏽Love," another fan added.

However many followers lamented the portions simply weren't big enough.

"Ok, so what's the proper way to tell my mom I need 17 tins," Sam wrote jokingly on TikTok.

"Babs, if my mom sends me home with muffin-size helping of stuffing, I'm rioting," another added.

"I never realized how you can connect with so many people you have never met, but now have a relationship with," Barbara told Today.

"I would read in the comments, 'I lost my mom and you are teaching me how to cook' or 'you remind me of the grandma I never had'."

Barbara's social media fame has led to product endorsements, advertising opportunities and a cookbook, and she also appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show, but she still likes to connect with TikTok fans.

"You have under a minute to get your point across, so that can be a bit of a challenge," Barbara explained to The Girlfriend.

"I love that at my age, I am learning new skills.

I have found a wonderful community on TikTok.

So many people are on the app, looking for information and sharing their knowledge."

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