Man's mum constantly mistaken for his girlfriend

Jonathan Nguyen and his ageless mum
Jonathan and his mum have gone viral. Photo: Instagram/jhnguyeners

A guy and his mum have gone viral around the world for the simple fact that everyone thinks she’s actually his girlfriend.

Vietnamese man Jonathan Nguyen, who lives in Los Angeles, first shared a photo of his mum in a Facebook group called Subtle Asian Traits, explaining it was her diet and exercise regimen which were the secrets behind her incredibly youthful looks.

But the post quickly went viral with several people admitting they thought the woman in the photos was actually his sister or girlfriend.

“Woah. She’s beautiful. Thought she was your girlfriend,” one person admitted.

“I said to myself ‘what a beautiful couple’,” another wrote.

“Your mum looks like your sister, what’s her secret?” a third responded.

Jonathan regularly posts sweet tributes to his “best friend”, his mum, on his Instagram account as well which has over 7,000 followers.

And the photos have long baffled his followers with many asking for the secrets behind her looks, despite being in her 40s.

“I need her skincare routine!” one follower wrote on an image shared in May.

Some even asked if she has her own Instagram account they could follow.

“I didn't expect this to go viral. I thought people would just have a bit of a laugh,” he told 9Honey.

Jonathan added he felt "compelled to post" about his mum after a waiter at a restaurant said the pair looked like “such a cute couple”.

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