Add some magic to your phone with the new CASETiFY x Harry Potter collection

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Harry Potter fans, this collaboration is the one you have been waiting for.

The wait is officially over for the CASETiFY x Harry Potter collection which launched in Australia on March 31, 2022.

A pensive Tom Felton in a dark pin-striped suit holds a Hogwarts branded phone next to a montage of similar branded phones and red-bound books and a Quidditch golden snitch air pod case.
Harry Potter fans rejoice! A magical tech accessory collection has arrived. Photo: CASETiFY

The Harry Potter train just keeps going, with the recent 20 year anniversary of the first film, and now a truly spellbinding collection of tech accessories from global brand CASETify.

Your phone, AirPod cases and even your Apple Watch can show off Hogwarts House colours to relive some of that Harry Potter magic!

The magical full range of accessories are getting an added touch of magic, with Draco Malfoy himself (Tom Felton) starring in the campaign.


Tom Felton in dark pin-striped suit shows off a Slytherin case with green snakes and at right, a hand holds another phone with snakes near a wand and a parchmant.
Harry Potter star Tom Felton shows off a Slytherin case in the tech campaign. Photo: CASETiFY

Immerse yourself in the magical world of witchcraft and wizardry at Hogwarts with these absolute must-haves for any diehard Potter fan.

From a Marauders Map phone case to a golden snitch AirPod case, CASETiFY has you covered.

With drop protection up to 7-feet, you can enjoy your next game of Quidditch without a worry.

Marauders Map Lenticular iPhone Case - $124

Introducing the first-ever lenticular phone case featuring the Marauder's Map!

Move the phone at different angles for a clear view of the entire map.

Get yours and unveil the magic of Hogwarts quicker than you can say "mischief managed"!

A hand holds up a Marauders Map Lenticular iPhone Case

Limited Edition Golden Snitch AirPods Pro Case - $93

This is an absolute must-have for any Potter fan!

Catch the golden snitch for yourself every time you pick up your AirPods.

Decked out in style and with "I open at the close," aptly written on the case, relive the most touching moments of the Harry Potter books and films.

A Limited Edition Golden Snitch AirPods Pro Case sits on a white background with snap hook to attach to bags etc and with its golden wings and the words

Mirror Of Erised - 10 Yr Edition iPhone Case - $100

Maybe the coolest themed Harry Potter phone case yet - The Mirror of Erised which, according to Albus Dumbledore, depicts the "deepest, most desperate desire of our hearts", is the perfect case for a dreamer.

Look into The Mirror of Erised every time you pick up your phone and be inspired again by the magical moments from the Harry Potter films.

 The Mirror of Erised case against a white background in gold tones.
Live out your deepest desires every day with a Mirror Of Erised iPhone case. Photo: CASETIFY

Custom Gryffindor Mascot Case - $108

Are you brave and courageous like Godric Gryffindor?

Patient and loyal like Helga Hufflepuff?

Wise and witty like Rowena Ravenclaw?

Ambitious and cunning like Salazar Slytherin?

Choose your case to match your Hogwarts House and customise with your name printed on it!

Custom Gryffindor Mascot Case in black with red and gold crest.
Find your house and customise your case with your name for everyone to see, as in this Gryffindor Mascot Case. Photo: CASETiFY

The Harry Potter Case iPhone Case - $100

Accessories fit for wizards, witches and Muggles alike, this case features fan favourite icons from the legendary franchise, from a Nimbus 2000 to Hedwig, to The Deathly Hallows, to Harry's iconic glasses.

You will have a piece of Potter history in this case.

A Harry Potter iPhone case covered in gold images including round glasses, owls and symbols.

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