Abby Lee Miller Broke Her Silence On The Recent "Dance Moms" Reunion And Why She Believes She Wasn't Invited

Earlier this month, several former cast members from the show Dance Moms reunited for a televised reunion special, where they were given the space to reminisce about the show and reclaim their narratives.

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Chloé Lukasiak, JoJo Siwa, Paige and Brooke Hyland, Kalani Hilliker, and Kendall Vertes all returned, along with Paige and Brooke's mom, Kelly, Kalani's mom, Kira, Kendall's mom, Jill, JoJo's mom, Jessalynn, and a special appearance from Chloé's mom, Christi. Abby Lee Miller, however, was not present during this reunion.

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And now, Abby has broken her silence on why she believes she wasn't invited to the reunion.

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On the May 9th episode of the Just B with Bethenny Frankel podcast, Abby said, "I think the kids can't face me because they know they would never be where they are today if it wasn't for the show."

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"There's two little girls named Brooke and Paige Hyland who I was very close to, much closer emotionally and family-wise than any of the other kids. Their mother was in my original competition team when I was 14 years old — their mother," she continued. "And she stayed at my studio, then she left, got married, had kids, brought them to my studio at 2 years old, and stayed until the show started."

Kelly Hyland with daughters Brooke and Paige
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Kelly, Brooke, and Paige left the Abby Lee Dance Center during Season 4 after a physical fight between Kelly and Abby occurred at a dance competition. At the time, Abby spontaneously brought Kalani on to the competition team, and Kelly believed it was because she was trying to push Brooke out. In the reunion, Kelly expressed her regret for the decision to pull her kids out of ALDC and felt "guilty" for ending her kids' dance careers.

Dance instructor Abby Lee Miller angrily gestures and speaks in a dressing room with young dancers in the background

On the podcast, Abby wondered why the kids would continue to return to the studio at ages "3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and 7 and 8" if the environment was "so toxic."


“And what you don't read, what you don't read that Lifetime didn't want anyone to know. They wanted me to be this down and out, podunk, heavy set dance teacher, screaming at these little kids because that made good TV," Abby said.

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"Nobody talks about the kids that I've had in, drum roll please, 25 Broadway shows. Did you read that anywhere? Twenty-five Broadway shows. I have had kids from Pittsburgh in, that I took, that I drove their asses back and forth to the auditions," finished Abby.

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According to People, a source claimed that while there are cast members "who say they know they wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Dance Moms," many have complicated feelings about Abby. "Some of those involved decided that they would only be a part of the reunion if Abby wasn’t," the source said.

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"At this point, everyone has gone through different eras, had time to reflect, and there’s been a lot that Abby put them through emotionally and physically, and they just didn’t want to relive that," they added.


While many of the cast members talked about their "complicated" relationship with Abby, some even expressed that they hope to forgive her one day, including Kelly, who said she'd try to rekindle their relationship if Abby took the first step and called to apologize.

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Listen to Abby's full podcast episode here. Dance Moms: The Reunion is currently streaming on Lifetime.