Abbie Chatfield slams the monarchy just hours after Queen's death

Reality TV star Abbie Chatfield has responded to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

Speaking candidly to her followers on Instagram, the Bachelor star slammed the monarchy and said that King Charles’ new role makes her ‘feel sick’.

L: Abbie Chatfield looking disgusted in a selfie. R: Prince Charles and the Queen wave at the crowd.
Abbie Chatfield has weighed in on the Queen's death. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield & Getty

While making it clear that it was ‘obviously sad’ that Her Majesty had passed, she rattled off what she dislikes about the royal family.

“The colonialism, not great. The monarchy, not my favourite thing in the world,” she began.

“But the thing that I feel a bit sick about is…I just saw a video that was like ‘King Charles made a statement’. King? King? King Charles! Also from what I gather, he isn’t very competent — not that [the royals] really do anything,” she said in disbelief.


The Masked Singer panellist also added that she hasn’t ‘heard good things about Charles’.

“And also it isn’t the 1700s, ‘The King’? Ew! Ew! Oh my God I knew this day was coming but I don’t like it,” she said, before pretending to vomit.

Two selfies of Abbie Chatfield looking horrified as she talks to her followers.
The star was disgusted by the thought of Charles becoming King. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

The podcaster shared some responses she received in response to her royal take, with irate fans telling her to get off social media and to ‘shut the f**k up’.

Abbie clarified her earlier statement, and captioned another Instagram story with “I’m not celebrating [the Queen’s] death, calm tf down”.

She explained to her followers that she already announced that it was ‘sad’ the Queen passed, before telling trolls to brush up on history.

Two selfies of Abbie Chatfield as she talks to her followers on Instagram.
The star said she wasn't 'celebrating the Queen's death'. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield

“You can’t deny that colonialism exists, it’s sad that somebody has died,” she started.

“But if the word colonialism makes you so angry you want to send me paragraphs about how I’m a b**ch, or say ‘shut the f**k up’…maybe you should reevaluate how you understand history and current politics as well,” she said.

Abbie then added that having a King makes her feel like a ‘16th-century peasant’, saying the title change feels ‘weird’ to her.

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