Abbie Chatfield blasts influencers after Elly Miles' Australia Day post: 'No excuse'

Former Bachelor star Abbie Chatfield has put influencers on blast for their contradictory actions on Australia Day, which is widely considered a day of mourning for the country's First Nations peoples.

The podcaster shared a lengthy text post to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday after noticing how some of her peers publically supported 'abolish Australia Day' and related causes before attending parties that same day.

Abbie Chatfield in a video speaking about Australia Day. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield.
Abbie Chatfield has put influencers on blast for their behaviour on Australia Day. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield.

'Should know better'

While Abbie didn't name any names, she directly addressed those 'friends' who she's unfollowed because they 'should know better' than to participate in celebrations on Australia Day.

The It's A Lot host called out those who argue that the event was not an Australia Day party per se but simply a party that fell on Australia Day — just hours after fellow Bachelor alum Elly Miles was grilled for doing exactly that.

"'But it's not an Australia Day Party!!' Isn't an excuse," Abbie wrote. "You're having a party/enjoying your public holiday on a day of mourning for First Nations people."

She said that those who use the excuse are 'lying' to themselves and attempting to 'absolve themselves' from their 'true lack of care'.


A screenshot of an Instagram text post by Abbie Chatfield speaking about Australia Day. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield.
Abbie called out those who celebrate on Australia Day. Photo: Instagram/abbiechatfield.

"No need to reshare someone else's words to feel that you're on 'the right side'. You're not. Admit that to yourself, see how it feels and decide what you want to do moving forward.

"An Instagram Story at 10am doesn't change your celebrations at midday."

Abbie questioned why people 'bother' posting on social media about the "change the date" or "abolish Australia Day" movements if they're going to spend the day at the beach or 'hanging out with mates' instead of attending an Invasion Day march.

"Do you really give a s**t or nah? Clearly there are reasons people can't attend the march, but plans with mates?[...] Encourage and try to be part of actual change if you care enough to post the sentiment on your [Instagram] Stories."

Elly Miles and Abbie Chatfield on The Bachelor Australia in 2019. Photo: Channel 10.
Elly and Abbie appeared together on Matt Agnew's season of The Bachelor in 2019. Photo: Channel 10.

Abbie said that she 'didn't see any influencers' at the march she went to and urged them to 'come next year'.

She doubled down on her sentiment in a subsequent video in which she said that the 'Australia Day party' argument 'doesn't add up'.

"People saying, 'It's not an Australia Day party, I see no Australian flags anywhere. It's just a party on Australia Day', is the same as saying, 'It isn't a New Year's Eve party, I see no sparklers or 2022 glasses anywhere. It's just a party on New Year's Eve'.

"Do you see how that doesn't really add up? You don't have to have Australian flags flying and be speaking about your patriotism for it to be an Australia Day party. Just so you know."

Bachelorette Elly Miles wearing a yellow strapless swimsuit at the beach
Former Bachelorette Elly Miles was called out for a photo on Australia Day. Photo: Instagram/ellysmiles

Elly Miles defends Australia Day 'party'

Abbie's fiery comments came shortly after former Bachelorette Elly Miles was called out for the second year running for sharing a photo celebrating with friends on Australia Day.

The image, showing Elly enjoying some drinks with friends, was shared by the celeb_spellcheck Instagram account, where it was flooded with comments from outraged followers.

"Doing exactly what she apologised for last year," the caption of the image read.

However, this year Elly was quick to defend herself against any backlash, taking to her Instagram stories to clarify that she was "not celebrating Australia Day".

"People are a bit worried that I’m at an Australia Day party, I just wanted to say I am not. I'm at a friend’s house, we’ve got the kids in the pool. We’re hanging out for a friend’s going-away," she told her followers.

elly miles
The image showed Elly drinking with friends. Photo: Instagram/celeb_spellcheck
elly miles not celebrating australia day
The reality TV star has defended herself saying she was 'not celebrating' Australia Day. Photo: Instagram/ellysmiles

"That is all it is. I wanted to come here and say that so you could hear it directly from me. I am all for abolishing the date, I respect that this is Aboriginal land and that I am not celebrating Australia Day at all."

She then shared an image recognising Aboriginal land on Australia Day.

In 2021, the reality TV star copped heavy backlash after she told her followers she wouldn’t be celebrating on such a "traumatic and awful" date – hours before sharing footage of herself enjoying some drinks at a pool party.

Elly, who had even attended a 'Change the Date' rally that day, later shared a public apology on her Instagram in which she wrote: "I had a complete lapse of judgment and have a lot of regret for my actions. I sincerely apologise for upsetting anyone."

Additional reporting by Kristine Tarbert.

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