AACTA Awards: Amanda Keller says she'd 'like to kick 2021 in the d**k'

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The 2021 AACTA Awards took place on Wednesday at the Sydney Opera House with Australia's biggest stars walking the red carpet.

And while Australia is finally starting to open up, 2021 was quite a difficult one for many people, so we asked all the celebrities the big question: If 2021 was a person, what would you say to them?

The Living Room cast at the AACTAs
The Living Room's Miguel Maestre, Amanda Keller, Chris Brown and Barry Du Bois arrive at the AACTAs. Photo: Getty

The Living Room cast had quite a mixed response, but Amanda Keller was firm with her thoughts on the matter, telling us, "I've got a son in year 12 and I really feel for him, so I'd like to kick 2021 in the d**k!"


Dr Chris Brown was quick to stand up for his co-host, saying, "And if she's doing that, I'm just gonna back her up!"

"Scrag fight, 2021, I'm gonna see her behind the toilets and I'm gonna pull her hair!" Amanda joked.

Nakkiah Lui and Tim Gabriel Dowrick
Nakkiah Lui and Tim Gabriel Dowrick pose on the red carpet. Photo: Getty

Nakkiah Lui, who was also nominated, jokingly said, "I feel like 2021 and I would be frenemies! Like, we've had some really great moments, but I'm looking forward to 2022!"

Courtney Act seemingly couldn't remember which year we were actually in, asking, "Wait, what year are we in now? 2021. 2020, was the really s***ty bit, 2021 wasn't too bad!"

Courtney Act
Courtney Act stunned on the carpet. Photo: Getty
Sam Neill
Sam Neill's message for everyone in 2022 was "get vaxxed". Photo: Getty

Sam Neill added, "I think it's been a tough 2021 for so many people, my heart goes out to them, and I'm looking forward to a much better 2022. And the message is: get vaxxed!"

Eliza Scanlen's message was simple: "Keep on keeping on!"

Luxe Listing Sydney's Gavin Rubinstein was a fan of 2021, telling us, "Thanks for the blessings, I love you."

The Luxe Listings Sydney team
The Luxe Listings Sydney team had mixed feelings towards 2021. Photo: Getty
Brittany Hockley
Brittany Hockley looked incredible on the red carpet. Photo: Getty

Simon Cohen agreed, "Yeah! Mother Theresa! It was a good year!"

D'Leanne Lewis wasn't so complimentary, saying, "I would say, '2021, you need to work on yourself.'"

The Bachelor's Brittany Hockley kept things very simple, saying, "Bye!"

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