A new MAFS drama has kicked off after leaked texts and fans are divided

Lauren Dunn and Eden Harper have both shared their side of what happened after the infamous Nova party.

MAFS' Lauren and Eden have shared conflicting stories about the infamous Nova dinner party. Photo: Instagram.com
MAFS' Lauren and Eden have shared conflicting stories about the infamous Nova dinner party. Photo: Instagram.com

What do you get when you combine a tell-all podcast interview, an Instagram AMA, and a rogue MAFS fan Instagram page coming through with receipts? A whole lot of 2024 MAFS drama, so strap in and let's dive into it because a lot has happened over the last week.

MAFS fans may remember as the season wrapped up earlier this year, there was the infamous Nova party which saw Jayden Eynaud looking cosy with Lauren Dunn at a Sydney club, and his partner Eden Harper was nowhere to be found. It later came out that Jayden and Eden were no longer actually together, despite Jayden using the media opportunity to gush about their relationship as though they were still dating.

Eden recently went on the Sit With Us podcast and addressed the infamous night, saying she ended up in tears and declining an offer to go party on with Jayden, Lauren, Sara Mesa and others, due to Jayden ignoring her all night.

Now, Lauren Dunn has come out on her Instagram stories during an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session, saying she was unaware Jayden and Eden were broken up, and didn't realise Eden was that upset, saying if she knew, she would've stayed and comforted her and not partied on with Jayden. Lauren also alleged Eden had blocked her number after the incident.

Lauren, Jayden, and Eden Nova dinner party
Lauren, Jayden, and Eden before things took a turn. Photo: Instagram.com

Keeping up? Well wait, there's more.

MAFS fan page MAFSuncensored has now joined the party, screengrabbing Lauren's Instagram stories and providing conflicting receipts.

Lauren replied to a fan question saying she didn't see Eden's message when she had reached out to her after the Jayden incident, saying she had tried to reach out to her but Eden had her blocked. However, MAFSuncensored showed a screenshot of Eden having messaged Lauren, with Lauren having replied before unsending a message.


Eden told the MAFS fan page that she never blocked Lauren's number and the screenshot she provided was proof of that.

Eden said she never blocked Lauren. Photo: Instagram.com
Eden said she never blocked Lauren. Photo: Instagram.com

Lauren went on to say in her AMA that she asked Eden to come to the next gay bar with them on the night of the Nova party, and Eden seemed upset but Lauren didn't know they had broken up.

MAFSuncensored then shared screenshots of messages from Lauren's second Instagram account So Cooked, where she stated in a DM to someone in early April that Eden and Jayden were "100% broken up". (For context, the Nova dinner party was held in late March, with the dates shown in the Eden and Lauren text exchange.)

After sharing the tea, the account wrote a lengthy caption saying they reached out to Lauren for comment and were told to "lay off".


"In a recent Q&A, Lauren has given her view and apart from some things that don’t quite add up, we think she’s missed the whole point entirely. In a feud we didn’t think existed, it seems evident that Lauren gives zero fks as to how hurt Eden was after the events of that night, regardless of how innocent they may or may not have been," MAFSuncensored posted.

A DM from Lauren's other Instagram account. Photo: Instagram.com
A DM from Lauren's other Instagram account. Photo: Instagram.com

"Lauren went on to explain that she hadn’t seen Eden’s message after Eden reached out to express how hurt she was because Lauren had her ‘blocked,’ then further explained that she had sent a message to Eden but it never went through because Eden had also blocked Lauren 🤯. Needless to say, we reached out to Eden to which she replied with a screenshot, with a date and time stamp, puzzled over WTAF Lauren was saying as her original message had been delivered to Lauren on the 29th March and Lauren’s message was sent and then unsent on the 31st March! We also reached out to Lauren but were told to ‘Lay off.’"

Fans have flocked to the comments to give their two cents on the whole drama.

"Nothing happened. Her heart was broken and some mates went out dancing and she didn’t. End of really. Not their fault she chose not to disclose their separation. Also not Lauren’s fault she’s HOT and attracts attention," one person commented, while someone else disagreed, writing: "This video is just showing receipts against what Lauren’s saying. Which is evidence that Lauren is lying. Watch it or shut up."

"Isn’t it obvious what’s happened here? Lauren is being the 'mean girl' to Eden because Eden threw Sara under the bus re; meeting up with her ex.. Does anyone really think Lauren is interested in Eden’s feelings when her bestie is Sara? Not defending her but it’s so clear hurting Eden was intentional / to get back at her," someone else speculated.

"Eden was classy in her interview and I liked Lauren but this is trashy behaviour…" another person commented. "Even if they were together and weren’t faking it that’s yuck behaviour with your friend's man no excuses," another person pointed out.

"There are lines you just don’t cross. That wasn’t funny. Lauren knew they broke up. She knew Eden was obviously hurting and to show no empathy really shows what kind of person she is," another person commented. "As for Jayden he isn’t any better. He is for the bin. He sat there intentionally trying to hurt her. What a cruel person. He broke up with her and then goes on to hurt her even more."

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