A MAFS couple has taken their marriage to the next level but is it all a publicity stunt?

Controversial couple Tori and Jack are now connected in more ways than one.

My mother has taught me two things in life. Tattoos are forever and keep your house clean in case the person who broke in knows you. It seems one Married at First Sight couple didn't get the memo on the former.

Controversial couple Tori Adams and Jack Dunkley took their TV marriage to the next level, not by being intimate, but by getting matching tattoos in Monday night's episode. No, not henna tattoos that will slowly disappear over a few weeks, tattoos with ink that stay on your body forever, despite one comment from the groom which made jaws drop across Australia collectively. How long have they been "married" you ask? Just six weeks.

It seems a truly outrageous move after such a short time together and before even getting physical, but it appears the pair were trying to send a message and no doubt stir up a bit of controversy!

Close up of the tattoo.
Jack and Tori decided to get inked together after a controversial few weeks on MAFS. Source: Nine

The relationship is no stranger to the headlines following the infamous 'muzzle' comment from Jack. The 34-year-old came under fire for telling other grooms at Sunday night's intense dinner party that they could sleep with his wife Tori because he wasn't physically attracted to the 27-year-old. He then told Jono to put a muzzle on his wife Lauren who went head to head with Jack over his comments.

Jack has since apologised for his comments, admitting he was disgusted and a broken man and everyone in the experiment was at breaking point by then.


Matching ink meant to send a message

The pair decided their fighting days were over and what better way to move forward than by inking themselves. Jack and Tori settled on a devil cherub holding a heart, which Tori said is a bit of a 'f**k you' to those who have criticised their relationship due to Jack's behaviour. At this stage in the experiment, the couple have shared a few kisses and tender moments, but haven't had any intimacy between the sheets.

I have seven tattoos and while most of them can be covered up, none have ever been the result of an ex-boyfriend. Thank goodness. While the pair are trying to move forward, surely there's a better way than a matching tattoo? We know typically not too many MAFS couples make it in the real world, so will Jack and Tori really want a reminder on their body that they went through what could be one of the most mentally challenging times in their life?

Jack and Tori on their 'wedding day' on the show.
It's been a rocky start for the couple, but they are determined to stick by each other. Source: Nine

Each tattoo of mine has been from a time in my life when a tattoo felt better than actually dealing with the issue I needed to be talking about. There's one which is a tribute to my first boyfriend, who sadly passed away when I was 16, and another which makes me laugh so hard at the memories it represents, but honestly the others I really should have thought twice about. I wish sometimes I'd listened to my mum more in my early 20s instead of feeling like she was just trying to ruin my life.


The fact Jack has already admitted several times he's not physically attracted to Tori and then in the "heat of the moment" offered Tori up to the other grooms to sleep with, before making comments about muzzling another bride, surely that's as many red flags as you may need to stop getting something as permanent as a tattoo.


We're also seeing a woman who's 27-years-old entering an experiment because she feels she's not been able to meet someone she can build a life with. As much as we can sit and say, it's all a publicity stunt and she should have left already, if you had a shot at a happily ever after wouldn't also do what you could to move past the drama and see the good in someone instead?

Can Jack rise above his poor behaviour?

I have never been in such an experiment, and of course we don't know everything that happens, but those cameras are rolling and in 2024, its time men were called out for poor behaviour, including treating women like they are objects. It's an outdated mindset that needs to be on the out list pronto. Jack may have apologised for his comments, but is that because the heat was on after the episode aired or because he truly wants to be better? Only time will tell.


As Yahoo Lifestyle revealed, the pair are still together after filming pair and spent Christmas with each other's families, so maybe there is hope that a man can own up to his poor behaviour and a couple can move on. I haven't quite found the trick to that just yet, but Tori and Jack are clearly still trying to make things work. If Tori has been able to put up with this behaviour, then we could be seeing another Married at First Sight success story like Bryce Ruthven and Melissa Rawson who married in real life and had twins after one of the most controversial love stories in the history of the show.

My one piece of advice to any couple handed down from my mum would be - just don't get the tattoo.

Tori and Jack shown in family photos from Tori's Instagram page.
Tori and Jack are continuing to try to ignore the haters and even spent Christmas together. Source: Instagram

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