9 Stubborn Homeowners Who Won't Budge As Their Neighborhoods Evolve Around Them

9 Stubborn Homeowners Who Won't Budge As Their Neighborhoods Evolve Around Them

As a millennial, I can't relate to being a homeowner....but I can relate to getting pissed off when people tell me what to do!!! Here are 11 homeowners who stood their ground when they were pressured to move from their property:

1."This huge road in China that was built around a house after an elderly couple refused to move."

Isolated three-story house in the middle of a paved road with a small group of people standing nearby
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2."These two houses refused to move out from a newly public park in Bangkok."

Aerial view of a city park with winding paths, a pond, and surrounded by high-rise buildings

3."When Apple was building a massive data center in rural North Carolina, a couple who had lived there for 34 years refused to sell their house and plot of land worth $181,700. After making countless offers, Apple eventually paid them $1.7 million to leave."

Satellite view of a building with a red marker labeled "A" near its entrance

4."When you *really* won't sell."

Old brick building surrounded by modern skyscrapers with an advertisement banner on its side
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5."This is what happens when you don't sell to the government."

Aerial view of a multi-level spiral interchange tightly wrapping around a building with active traffic
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6."In China, 'nail houses' are homes belonging to people who refuse to make room for development. This is what local governments and developers do to them."

A lone building stands atop an isolated dirt mound amidst a construction site surrounded by apartment buildings
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7."A family turned down $50M from a developer who built a suburb around their home."

Aerial view of a lone unfinished house amid completed homes, highlighting unique urban planning

8."That’s one stubborn homeowner who didn’t want to sell his house (and his new neighbor)."

Street view showing a small house with modern apartment buildings in the background

9.And finally, "This homeowner in Changchun, China refused to sell their land to a private development company"

Aerial view of a lone house surrounded by a vast empty parking lot
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