'7 Little Johnstons' Star Liz Documents Major Health Update for First Baby

7 Little Johnstons star Liz Johnston is sharing the health update for her infant daughter that fans have been asking about for months now.

In the newest episode of the hit TLC reality show that aired on Tuesday, May 28, Liz and the baby's father, Brice Bolden, went to the doctor for an ultrasound appointment, where they found out if their bun in the oven would be a little person like her mom.

According to the doctor, Liz and Brice's daughter was measuring like an "average baby," per an episode recap transcribed by In Touch.

But after hearing the news, Brice, 25, insisted that their little girl was "probably still going to be more like" Liz, 22.

"She could still be average but still have some of your features," he noted before adding, "I'm just excited that everything looks good, she’s very healthy and doing great."

Earlier in the episode, Liz's mom, Amber Johnston, talked about the possibility of having an average-size baby in the family, which is something she's never experienced despite being a mom of five.

"I have to root for our team," she said while jokingly expressing her hopes for her first grandchild to be a little person. "It is power to the little people."

"I am totally fine with average-sized, but can I be real though? I’ve never had an average-sized baby," she candidly admitted.

Elsewhere in the episode, Amber's husband Trent Johnston also pointed out the difficulties that could come with Liz having an average-size baby, calling it a "total game changer" for their family.

"Two-year-olds are not supposed to be reaching crap taller than us," he explained while he and Amber prepped Liz's baby nursery together.

Even though Liz's pregnancy news was recently covered on the TLC show just earlier this month, fans following along with the family in real-time know that Liz and Brice have already welcomed their baby girl to the world, giving birth to their daughter Leighton Drew in November 2023.

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