49 Awesome Pizza Puns & Jokes That Can't Be Topped

Pizza with hands

Who doesn't love a good slice of pizza? And the only thing cheesier than a gooey, melty ‘za fresh from the oven is a clever pizza pun to go along with it! We've gathered some of the most a-dough-rable pizza jokes and puns that are hot and fresh out of the oven. Get ready to have a pizza your heart dedicated to these hilarious puns.

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Best Pizza Puns



1. I love pizza from my head tomatoes.

2. I've never sausage a beautiful pizza!

3. The pizza chef pasta way. He just ran out of thyme.

4. My career is in pizzas.

5. I've run out of pizza puns. I cannoli do so many.

6. I'm not good at topping my own pizza puns.

7. I tried a slice of American pie but found the apple topping really weird.

8. Only a weirdough doesn't like pizza.

9. Believing in pizza puns is a matter of crust.

10. Olive my heart belongs to pizza.

11. I'd tell you the best topping for a pizza but it seems too cheesy.

12. If I had a pizzeria I'd give away old slices to the kneady.

13. You wanna pizza me?

14. Stop being so saucy with the pizza puns!

15. You've stolen a pizza my heart.

16. We pepper-own-each other a few more pizzas!

17. My doctor told me to watch my carbs so I'm cutting a pizza into 16 slices instead of 8.

18. Every time a new pizza delivery man comes to the door and notices the smell of the last pizza man, they storm off. It's an unfortunate Domino effect.

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Pizza Puns for Kids



19. I pepper-only have eyes for you!

20. Cheese the day!

21. Pizza makes the world go round—or at yeast it's shaped that way!

22. Quit playing kneady and just give me the pizza already.

23. Another one bites the crust.

24. There's mushroom for improvement with this pizza.

25. The pizza chef's watch said it was oregano'clock.

26. In pizza we crust.

27. Never let anyone tell you you're not a pizza perfection just the way you are!

28. I'm wearing my pizzajamas for a pizza night.

29. I don’t want pizza. I knead it.

30. You’re a real pizza work!

31. Sliced to meet you!

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Silly Pizza Puns



32. Have a slice day!

33. These pizza puns are getting crusty but olive them anyway.

34. A good pizza pun is a rare slice of life.

35. I tried to come up with more pizza puns but I ran out of thyme and dough.

36. You're bacon me crazy with these pizza puns! Lettuce stop while we're ahead.

37. No matter how you slice it, these pizza puns are grate.

38. Time to say ciao to these cheesy pizza jokes!

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Best Pizza Jokes



39. How do you dance like a pizza? You crust a move!

40. What's a pizza's favorite artist? Pablo Pizzacaso.

41. What did the pizza say to the delivery guy? "You don't pepper-own me."

42. What do you call a sleeping pizza? A piZZZa!

43. What does a pizza wear to smell good? Calzogne.

44. Why did the man cut his pizza with a smartphone? It's cutting edge technology.

45. What did the pepperoni say to the pizza? "Nice to meat you!"

46. What did the pizza maker say before robbing a bank? "I may love making pizza, but I really knead the dough."

47. What did the pastry chef say when the pizza chef asked him for help? "I cannoli do so much."

48. Why do restaurants put pizza in square boxes? “Because they don't cut corners.”

49. Waiter, will my pizza be long? “No, it will be round!”

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