35 Disney Quotes That Will Instantly Bring Magic To Your Day

Growing up on Disney movies, plenty of quotes stick with me. Some are hilarious, others emotional. No matter the nature of the quote, these are truly timeless.

Whitney Houston as the fairy god mother with the word "Impossible."
Disney / giphy.com

There are too many to choose from, so here are 35 of the very best Disney quotes of all time:

1."Just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim."

Dory from 'Finding Nemo' saying "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming"

2."'Ohana' means family. Family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten."

Stitch from 'Lilo & Stitch' with the phrase 'Ohana means family'

3."Giving up is for rookies...I'm willing to go the distance. How about you?"

Phil talks to a defeated Hercules

—Phil, Hercules


4."Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?"

Queen from Snow White appears in a mirror, arms raised, wearing her iconic purple and black robe

5."Think happy thoughts!"

Animated Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael flying over London

6."Yes, the past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it or learn from it."

Rafiki talking to Simba in 'The Lion King'

7."Long live the king."

Scar throws Mufasa off a cliff

8."Remember who you are."

Mufasa's face appears in a swirling cloud formation

9."What do you want me to do? Dress in drag and do the hula?"

Animated character Timon from The Lion King is dancing in a hula skirt

10."What makes a monster and what makes a man?"

Quasimodo sings atop a bell tower

11."If watching is all you're gonna do, then you're gonna watch your life go by without ya."

Animated characters Quasimodo and gargoyle Hugo from "The Hunchback of Notre Dame" in a scene together

—Laverne, The Hunchback of Notre Dame


12."But you remember, Tiana, that old star can only take you part of the way. You got to help him with some hard work of your own."

Tiana serves up beignets in her restaurant

13."No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dreams that you wish will come true."

Cinderella in her iconic transformation moment, with a magical swirl around her as her dress changes

14."I am your wife! I’m the greatest good you’re ever gonna get."

Frozone from 'The Incredibles' reacts with frustration

15."I never look back, darling! It distracts from the now."

Edna Mode smacks Elastigirl with a rolled up paper

16."Because we invaded their land and cut down their trees and dug up their earth?"

Wiggins holds an arrow hat he made himself

—Wiggins, Pocahontas


17."Don't tell me, we're about to go over a huge waterfall... sharp rocks at the bottom... bring it on."

Kuzco as a llama from 'The Emperor's New Groove' says, "bring it on"

18."Would you like to stay forever!?"

Grandmother Fa exits a cloud of dust

19."The greatest gift and honor... is having you for a daughter."

Fa Zhou puts a flower pick in Mulan's hair

20."There's no one I'd rather be than me."

Animated character Wreck-It Ralph from the movie, shown with clenched fists ready for action

—Ralph, Wreck-It Ralph


21."Not anyone can be a great artist, but a great artist can come from anywhere."

Anton Ego from "Ratatouille" looks surprised with a fork mid-air at a restaurant

22."Some people are worth melting for."

Elsa from Frozen listens as Olaf says, "Some people are worth melting for," in a heartfelt scene

23."I'm not bad. I'm just drawn that way."

Animated character Jessica Rabbit in a sparkling strapless dress, singing onstage

24."Take her to the moon for me."

Bing Bong from the movie "Inside Out"

—Bing Bong, Inside Out


25."You'll have your looks, your pretty face. And don't underestimate the importance of body language!"

Ursula from "The Little Mermaid" shakes her hips

26."The word I'm searching for — I can't say, because there's preschool toys present."

Animated character Woody from Toy Story tipping his hat

27."Don't you get it!? You see the hat!? I am Mrs. Nesbitt!"

Woody and Buzz Lightyear, Buzz in a makeshift dress and hat.

28."To infinity and beyond!"

Buzz Lightyear and Woody from Toy Story fly together

29."You're not scary. Not even a little bit. But you are fearless."

Mike Wazowski from "Monsters University" is standing and smiling

30."No matter where I go, you will always be my mother."

Tarzan as a kid hangs off his mother ape

31."Thanks for the adventure — now go have a new one! Love, Ellie"

Ellie and Carl from "Up" kiss at wedding

32."There is nowhere you could go that I won't be with you."

Moana and Gramma's spirit embrace

33."You're exactly what this family needs."

Mirabel, Isabela, and Luisa Madrigal from "Encanto," are embracing joyfully

34."Like so many things, it is not what's outside, but what is inside that counts."

Mercent from Aladdin grinning as he holds the magic lamp

—The Merchant, Aladdin


35."If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all."

Thumper, the animated rabbit from Disney's Bambi, happily thumping his foot

There are so many, I HAD to have missed some. Leave your favorite Disney quotes in the comments section below!