32 Pictures From 2024 That Make Me Grin Like A Big, Dumb Idiot No Matter How Many Times I've Seen Them

32 Pictures From 2024 That Make Me Grin Like A Big, Dumb Idiot No Matter How Many Times I've Seen Them

If everything going on in the world just seems like the absolute worst to you, just remember...

1.The very important updates:

A Twitter post by @hypebeastd4n with a text exchange about a hospital cat and two images of a cat lying on a carpet and sitting by a window

2.The stunning developments:

Tweet from Brian Cooper: Summer 2003, a student's 5-year-old daughter attended my class. I was discussing sharks when she said, "Finding Nemo has a shark." I replied, "Yes, it does."

3.The protected identities:

Twitter: @campbellxemma

4.The intense interrogations:

A Tumblr post by user fangirlnado, shared by user libertybill, describes a funny moment where fangirlnado's boyfriend pretends to interrogate a glass while washing dishes

5.The beautiful dresses:


6.The new homes:

  Getty Images / Via Instagram: @goodnews_movement
Getty Images / Via Instagram: @goodnews_movement

7.The mischievous printers:

Person named their file "hehehe," then they got an error message saying "The printer couldn't print hehehe"

8.The very important lessons:

Screenshot of a YouTube video titled "How to Tie a Tie (Mirrored/Slowly) - Full Windsor Knot" with a comment by benzaeem saying they've watched the video before every wedding for six years but can never remember and now watching before their own wedding

9.The brand new babies:

A TV screen shows two infants in a hospital, each wearing a frog hat. Above the image is a tweet by audipenny that reads, "The leap day babies are wearing little frog hats."

10.The impeccable game:

An elderly woman is told by an elderly man in a photo lab to look in the mirror if she wants to see a million bucks, rendering her stunned

11.The unbelievable puns:

A person's hand holding a pebble shaped like a guitar pick. Text reads: "The woman I'm planning to marry showed me this pebble that looks like a guitar pick and with an entirely straight face said 'it's for rock music.'"

12.The time synchronicity:

A tweet by Margaret Leahy shows multiple clocks in a room, each set to different time zones. The text describes her children, travel, and all clocks being on the same time

13.The cat-human solidarity:

A social media post where patrexes shares a story about their cat and them being blind and how the cat warns them with a chirp to avoid collisions. actuallyblind replies, appreciating the solidarity

14.The helpful books:

Social media post with the text: "I'm not crying, you're crying." followed by crying emojis. The story below narrates a sister learning sign language to befriend a deaf classmate, culminating in standing beside her at their wedding

15.The lunch ladies from heaven:

Twitter: @dontbotherkeiti

16.The bakers baking away:

A tweet from @pochaccobebi mentions feeling comforted thinking about bakers working at night. @LUMI shares her experience as a former bakery employee, confirming bakers prepare donuts at 3am

17.The epic musical collabs:

"I've been hearing a frog singing from inside our wind chimes for a month or so, but today I found out it's not just one frog! It's a whole secret society," with an image of wind chimes with frogs sitting inside each one

18.The deals of a lifetime:

Text in the image: "A little kid came up to the ice cream truck today holding a $5 in one hand and a cool leaf in the other. She asked for a bomb pop, and I said 'okay, that will be one leaf please!' and she said no and handed me the $5."

19.The perfect names:

"i thought all rabbits were named Peter (Peter Cottontail, Peter Rabbit, etc, but Bugs Bunny was different because he was a bunny) so I had two rabbits, Peter and Peter"

20.The momentous occasions:

A social media post details a story where adoptive parents introduce their new kid, bring roses and matching luggage at a restaurant, creating an emotional moment for everyone

21.The mischievous pets:

A text post by bardst detailing a humorous conversation between their mum and a cat, consisting of mock scolding and the cat meowing back with soft responses. 69,282 notes

22.The secret requests:

A text conversation between "Grandpa" and a recipient discussing a secret: "Grandma" wants to play Words With Friends but doesn't want to ask the recipient

23.The titans of industry:

A mom was notified to let the supermarket know when her son goes to college so that they don't overstock on chocolate milk once he leaves

24.The GOATs:

A teacher explains why students call them a goat, initially as a joke. They realize it means "Greatest of All Time" and express gratitude for the compliment

25.The new vans:

A Reddit post asking how you would spend unlimited money for 24 hours. The top comment says they would buy their neighbors a new mini-van

26.The clumsy displays:

A humorous story about a Year 5 student who gave a speech on clumsiness, purposely tripped, dropped notecards, and won second place

27.The tear-jerking reviews:

A cat lies on a patterned bed next to an aquarium. The text reads Mary Ramsey, Great product: A 17-year-old sick cat enjoys watching lifelike fish in the aquarium from the bed

28.The tiny little trucks:

A trucker secures a toy dump truck to his flatbed trailer, stating it makes kids smile when they drive by
u/absentmindedezra7 / Via reddit.com

29.The cool grandpas:

"Am I still in your phone as 'Cool Grandpa'?" "Of course you are, why?" "Just checking" and "Those little yellow guys are me," followed by rows of smiley face emojis wearing sunglasses
u/SubstantialBother586 / Via reddit.com

30.The incredibly crucial jobs:

A dog stands on its hind legs at a vet reception counter with a sign below saying, "I'm Doug. How may I help you?" Various pamphlets and notes are on the wall
u/70ms / Via reddit.com

31.The life-making lifetime supplies:

Reddit post with the question "Anyone who won a 'lifetime supply' of something, what did you win, and are they still supplying it to you?" A user shares a story about their great-grandfather winning a lifetime supply of seed in 1910

32.And the three pets who made a difference:

Image showing a letter from an elderly man thanking his neighbor for asking him to watch pets during the pandemic. The letter expresses gratitude and mentions the joy the pets brought him

Ain't that nice.

u/snoocupcakes8607 / Via old.reddit.com

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