30 Little Things People Didn't Realize Until They Got Older, And I 100% Agree With Every Single One Of 'Em

There's a viral prompt on X and it's asking people to share what they realized when they got older.

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Here are some of my favorites...

1. Cheese is *really* that expensive.

Twitter: @icoPanko

2. People probably are paying way less attention to you than you think.

Twitter: @kp_official_1

3. People really do drive too fast in neighborhoods.

Twitter: @zone6nova

4. Never leave one dish in the sink, especially in a clean kitchen.

Twitter: @__AudI_c

5. And likewise, the kitchen isn't truly clean until you put all of the dishes away.

Twitter: @Lovenursekay__

6. You really need to take that chicken out of the freezer.

Twitter: @Dionnyisus

7. Turn the lights off when you leave the room.

Twitter: @__BRAT_

8. Your mom was probably right.

Twitter: @livewithnoregrt

9. Sometimes you have to clean for the cleaning lady.

Twitter: @anthonybors

10. It's wild your mom cooked for all of those people.

Twitter: @loveray__

11. Some things just aren't that deep.

Twitter: @ChrishanaFancy

12. There's food at home.

Twitter: @samkmluv

13. Your parents were doing the best that they could.

Twitter: @DivineSoul_

14. Always go to the bathroom before leaving the house.

Twitter: @TheRealAmias

15. Never trust a fart.

Twitter: @OdotJdot

16. Nap.

Twitter: @kayyyherbert

17. People aren't very smart.

Twitter: @J_McCole314

18. Office politics are a real problem.

Twitter: @Gtpraize

19. Always carry a jacket.

Twitter: @786Suhail

20. Eat breakfast.

Twitter: @_no_limitz99

21. Authenticity is hard to come by.

Twitter: @MozznSaganaki

22. Turn the music down.

Twitter: @braddah_jay

23. You don't have to do "family traditions."

Twitter: @DarriusTheKing

24. The dishes didn't actually need to soak.

Twitter: @murgannnn

25. Nothing is ever that serious.

Twitter: @chaoticsunnyy

26. Not everyone is your friend.

Twitter: @IkeMagnifico

27. The most important things in life don't have a price tag.

Twitter: @MsBigBack

28. Leisurely walks are essential.

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29. And lastly...

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30. Oh, and also this:

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