27 Extremely Poorly Aged TV And Movie Scenes That Are Low-Key Disturbing To Watch Back With What We Know Today

27 Extremely Poorly Aged TV And Movie Scenes That Are Low-Key Disturbing To Watch Back With What We Know Today

1.This scene from The Cosby Show is super disturbing to watch now, considering Bill Cosby was found guilty of sexual assault after multiple women claimed he slipped them pills and then took advantage of them. One claimed Cosby called the pills "friends to help you relax."

Cliff Huxtable (Bill Cosby) asking Claire (Phylicia Rashad) if she's noticed how people become "huggy buggy" and want to go right home after his barbecue sauce kicks in, then says he has a cup of it on the night table

2.The scene from That '70s Show where Hyde acts out what's essentially a rape scene between a record sleeve and a record is also super disturbing in light of actor Danny Masterson's rape conviction.

Screenshots from "That '70s Show"

3.And the scene where Hyde says he sees himself in prison in five years feels strangely prophetic, considering Masterson is now in prison.

Screenshots from "That '70s Show"

4.Similarly, this scene from Glee is eerie considering that Mark Salling ended up being sentenced to 48–84 months in jail after he was arrested on child sexual abuse image possession charges, and then died by suicide.

Screenshots from "Glee"

5.There are actually a ton of scenes involving Mark's character Puck that are super creepy to look back on, including this one where child sexual abuse images and their illegality are actually mentioned.

Screenshots from "Glee"

6.There's this super creepy comment his character makes in one scene...

Kurt from Glee talking to Puck in a school hallway by the lockers

7....Along with this one in another scene...

Puck from Glee smirking in a hallway, wearing a sleeveless shirt

8....And finally, this scene where an underage student asks his character to a Sadie Hawkins dance after he's graduated high school.

Screenshots from "Glee"

9.This scene from iCarly is kind of sad to watch, considering that Friends star Matthew Perry died in his hot tub, with drowning being a contributing factor to his death.

Screenshots from "iCarly"

10.It's a little weird to see Chris Brown teaching anyone about women's rights (as his character does in this episode of The O.C.), considering his felony assault conviction after he severely beat his then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Chris Brown in "The O.C."
Fox / Via reddit.com

11.In Heathers, two of the actors later had untimely deaths that seemed predicted by their characters. Peter (Jeremy Applegate) prays he won't kill himself — the actor later died by suicide. Kim Walker — who had the iconic line, "Did you have a brain tumor for breakfast?" — died of a brain tumor.

Kim and Jeremy in their respective scenes from the movie
New World Pictures

12.This line Matt Lauer says on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt is ironic considering his sexual misconduct accusations — and his sexist interviews with women.

Matt Lauer wearing a suit, sitting and talking on the Today Show set
Netflix / Via reddit.com

13.Does anyone remember this scene from Seinfeld where Elaine tries to convince her new boyfriend, who shares a name with a serial killer, to change his name? She suggests something more innocuous, like O.J., in reference to O.J. Simpson. The episode aired just months before Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered. Simpson would later go to trial for the murders, though he was acquitted.

Elaine reading a magazine enthusiastically to Jerry, who listens intently, both seated on a couch

14.This scene from Parks and Recreation where Louis C.K.'s character calls another character a pervert is weird to see now, considering C.K. admitted to exposing himself to women and masturbating in front of them.

Louis C.K. in "Parks and Recreation"

15.As is this line from Bananas, where Woody Allen mentions studying child molestation. Allen's stepdaughter, Dylan Farrow, has long accused Woody of molesting her as a child, which Allen has denied.

Woody Allen in "Bananas"
United Artists

16.Actually, a lot of Woody Allen movies are concerning, especially Manhattan, where his character dates a 17-year-old and it's established that they're having sex.

Two characters from Woody Allen's "Manhattan" are in conversation with subtitles reflecting dialogue on relationships
United Artists

17.Back to Glee — this anti-drug verse Finn sings is super sad to watch back considering the actor, Cory Monteith, died of a drug overdose.

Cory Monteith in "Glee"

18.This scene from the Jackass Backyard BBQ Special is also sad and prophetic considering Ryan Dunn died in a car crash where he was driving, also killing his passenger.

Closeup of Bam Margera
MTV / Via reddit.com

19.In a lighter example, this line Ben Affleck says in Jersey Girl is funny considering he would later play Batman.

Ben Affleck in "Jersey Girl"
Miramax Films

20.This line from iCarly is definitely ironic considering when iCarly was rebooted, it was made without Sam.

Screenshot from "iCarly"

21.This scene from Terrifier 2 is kind of funny to see considering Jeffrey Dahmer became a huge Halloween costume the very same year this movie was released, after the Netflix series on Dahmer starring Evan Peters blew up.

Screenshot from "Terrifier 2"

22.This scene from The Good Place feels eerie in light of the COVID pandemic that would occur two years later...which was a flu-like virus that potentially came from bats.

Screenshots from "The Good Place"

23.This line from Scream feels almost like dark sarcasm now, considering all the school shootings in America.

Screenshot from "Scream"
Dimension Films

24.And this line from Law & Order similarly didn't age well.

Screenshot from "Law & Order"
NBC / Via reddit.com

25.This scene from Friends — where Chandler jokes about bringing a bomb on a plane and then gets detained by the TSA — aged poorly before it was even released. They actually had to completely replace the scenes in the wake of 9/11, which occurred after the episode had been filmed but before it aired.

Screenshots from "Friends"

26.Mel Gibson once guest-starred on The Simpsons, and his character joked that he was too lovable and that cops refused to give him tickets. Notably, Gibson would suffer a significant fall from grace after he went on an antisemitic rant while being arrested for a DUI.

Marge Simpson, guest star character, and Homer Simpson standing together in a scene from The Simpsons

27.And finally, we'll end on a positive one, also from The Simpsons: when the show mocked John Travolta by making him a bartender at a '70s bar just weeks before Pulp Fiction flung Travolta straight back into the A-list.

Homer Simpson and Marge with an animated John Travolta look-alike bartender. Text: "The bartender even looks like John Travolta!" "Yeah...looks like..."

What TV and movie lines and scenes can you remember that didn't age very well? Let us know in the comments!

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