27 Extremely Disturbing Wikipedia Pages That Will Haunt Your Dreams Until The End Of Your Days

1.Israel Keyes

Man in a black and white prisoner uniform standing against a plain background

2.The Flatwoods Monster

A person stands in a forest wearing a metal suit with a dome-like headgear and large circular eye openings. Trees and foliage are visible in the background


A hand adjusts the dial on a vintage radio, tuning it to different stations. The radio has numerous frequency markings and a retro design

4.Locked-in Syndrome

Close-up of a person's eye, showing detailed texture of the skin and eye

5.Joyce Vincent

A newspaper clipping surrounded by a red pen circle. It requests information about Joyce (Carol) Vincent, born in 1965, for a documentary. Contact details are partially visible


A hand pointing at a honeycomb with honey visible in the cells

Scaphism is the worst torture imaginable. Seriously. The victim was trapped between two boats, force fed milk and honey (and covered in it), and laid out in the sun to be literally eaten alive by insects. Yuuuuuup.

Boston Globe / Getty Images

7.Armin Meiwes

A man in a suit and tie sits against a wood-paneled background. Name of the person is unknown

Armin Meiwes is a German cannibal who met another man on an internet forum who consented to being eaten. Armin and the man met up and things quickly spiraled way out of control. Think: penis too burnt to eat. I feel sick just thinking about the details.

Pool / Getty Images

8.Cotard Delusion

A young person with medium-length hair appears to have a double exposure effect, creating a blurred, disoriented look

A very rare illness in which the person who has it is convinced they are dead or that they simply do not exist.

Jasmin Merdan / Getty Images

9.György Dózsa

Portrait of György Dózsa, a Hungarian leader, depicted in intricate engraving with a serious expression and wearing a cap

10.Black Eyed Children

A blurry silhouette of a person with hands pressed against frosted glass. The figure appears to be in a state of tension or distress

11.Goiânia accident

Person in white overalls cleaning a grave marker in a large cemetery. The scene is outdoors with many graves in the background

12.Rat King

A museum display showing a "rat king," with multiple rats tangled together by their tails. The specimen is encased in a glass box

13.June and Jennifer Gibbons

Unknown people smiling and chatting indoors, one in a white shirt, another in a t-shirt with a graphic, and another in a red blazer over a white blouse

14.Taman Shud Case

A gravestone reads: "Here lies the unknown man who was found at Somerton Beach 1st Dec. 1948."

15.List of Reported UFO Sightings

A person stands alone on a bridge at night, looking out into the fog with distant streetlights illuminating the scene

I mean, this is the holy grail for anyone terrified by UFOs.


16.Dyatlov Pass Incident

Person walking in the snow using ski poles at night, with a headlamp illuminating their path

17.Pope Lick Monster

Vintage photograph of a long railroad trestle bridge in a rural area with trees and grass below. No people are present

18.Clinton Road

A road in a wooded area with visible tire skid marks. Trees and greenery line both sides of the road

19.Shadow Person

Silhouette of a person standing in a foggy forest with a bright light shining from behind the trees

An entire article about "shadow people" who come to "visit" you in the middle of the night. Fun!

Jonhy Blaze / Getty Images

20.Premature Burial

A person is depicted emerging from a wooden coffin inside a dark, stone-walled chamber. Various bones and ropes are scattered on the ground

Is there anything more terrifying than the idea of being buried alive? Nope, but reading about it is a close second.


21.List of people who disappeared mysteriously at sea

A painting showing shipwreck survivors on a raft, many appearing desperate or lifeless, with one man waving a cloth signal. The sea and sky appear stormy

Another compilation of fascinating articles of people who, well, disappeared mysteriously at sea. Terrifying stuff.

Christophel Fine Art / Universal Images Group via Getty

22.Fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva

A decomposed and skeletal human figure, viewed from behind, showing intricate bone details and decayed tissue remnants

23.Hinterkaifeck Murders

A historic black-and-white photo of several farm structures, including barns and a water well, on a grassy area. No people are present

An article about the unsolved murder of an entire German family and their maid with an axe. Again, completely unsolved and completely terrifying.

Andreas Biegleder


A close-up image of a button-down shirt straining to fit around a person's body, with buttons visibly pulling against the fabric

25.Coffin Birth

A casket adorned with yellow roses, surrounded by a floral display in an outdoor setting

This is essentially what it's called when the gasses inside a deceased pregnant woman cause a post-mortum "coffin birth," pushing the dead fetus inside out. I'm all set.


26.List of unusual deaths

Bearded man in an old-fashioned suit raises his right hand in a gesture

Endlessly fascinating and endlessly macabre, this is truly the Wikipedia motherlode of messed up shit. I've spent way longer than I care to admit scrolling through this list, and I'm sure you will too.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

27.The Euthanasia Coaster

Several hands raised in the air on a roller coaster ride, surrounded by dense trees and visible tracks ahead