21 Thirsty Letterboxd Reviews Of "Challengers" — Which Is Without A Doubt The Sexiest Movie Of 2024

Beware: Slight spoilers ahead.

As you probably already know, Challengers hit theaters this past weekend, and not only was it the No. 1 movie at the box office, but it also has people TALKING.

Zendaya in a light blouse with a pensive expression at an outdoor event
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People couldn't get enough of the performances, the amazing score by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, the sweaty and intense tennis scenes...

Mike Faist in "Challengers"
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...And, of course, the absolute sexual tension and chemistry between Zendaya, Mike Faist, and Josh O'Connor's characters.

Mike Faist, Zendaya, and Josh O'Connor in "Challengers"
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Like, I really can't remember the last time a movie had people ~feeling things~ 🥵. So naturally, people began to leave some pretty steamy reviews on Letterboxd. Below are 21 reviews that truly sum up the thirst:

Josh O'Connor in "Challengers"
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Comment on a post joking about an unexpected outcome at a tennis-related event


Screenshot of a social media post with text flirting about engaging in a long-term relationship


Tweet by Xenia Popescu reviewing a movie metaphorically as "edging" with a green check and fire emoji, dated 18 Apr 2024


User's movie rating with text: "need to have a cigarette and take a cold shower" and 35 likes




Comment summarizing a content comparison: less vampires and werewolves, more tennis and dudes kissing


Comment expressing a peculiar desire about Josh O'Connor's sweat and questioning others' reactions


A social media post with a rating of 4.5 stars, indicating viewer approval, alongside a heart icon


Social media screenshot with a user expressing a specific personal desire


Meme with text joking about someone's two boyfriends being in the sauna together, expressing no need for notifications


Review praising a film's visuals and soundtrack by Reznor & Ross, highlighted as 'delectable cinema' with 146 likes


Post with text: "Everything is sex, except sex, which is tennis" next to a 5-star rating


User MarMar confidently states they can outdo three others, not in tennis


User's review on content, intending to share it with boyfriend and his childhood best friend with no specific reason mentioned


User review with a 4.5-star rating, stating a challenging experience without explicit details


Text in image: "Saltburn son or Challengers daughter? Watched by Ken 25 Apr 2024, 84 likes, 29 hearts."


User reviews a movie, expresses love for techno music, and sexual preference


User comment on a film's sauna scene, describing it as highly erotic, with many likes


Comment challenging Mike Faist and Josh O'Connor to a whimsical, tennis-related dare, dated from April 2022


Two animated characters from a TV show or movie are engaged in a humorous conflict, mistakenly identified as Zendaya by a user


User "vivian" with a cherry emoji posts "do they need a fourth" with a five-star rating on 12 Apr 2024, receiving 11,165 likes

Did you have the same reactions to Challengers? Or have these reviews made you want to watch the movie now? Tell us in the comments below!