'You did me dirty': Awkward blunder at Golden Globes ceremony

The 78th Golden Globe awards have gotten off to a rather shaky start, which is not too surprising considering the 'virtual' format of the ceremony.

Due to COVID, the majority of the award nominees are beaming in via Zoom which we all know is prime for tech blunders — case in point being the very first gong of the night.

A screenshot of 2021 Golden Globe Awards presenter Laura Dern and Best Supporting Actor winner Daniel Kaluuya
Presenter Laura Dern and Best Supporting Actor winner Daniel Kaluuya have been involved in an awkward blunder at the Golden Globes. Photo: NBC.

When Laura Dern threw to Best Supporting Actor winner Daniel Kaluuya from the Globes studio, the Judas and the Black Messiah was unfortunately on mute.

As Daniel unknowingly began his silent acceptance speech from his home, presenter Laura is seen cringing side of stage before letting out a nervous chuckle and apologising for the 'bad connection.'

Daniel, however, was determined to have his moment in the spotlight and, with his audio back on loud and clear, announced, "You're doing me dirty!"

"Am I back on? Alright cool," he added before starting his speech from scratch.


Laura Dern presents the Best Supporting Actor - Motion Picture award for ‘Judas and the Black Messiah’ to winner Daniel Kaluuya (accepting via video) onstage at the 78th Annual Golden Globe Awards held at The Beverly Hilton and broadcast on February 28, 2021 in Beverly Hills, California.
Daniel Kaluuya, who won for his role in Judas and the Black Messiah, recovered from his Zoom gaffe to read his acceptance speech. Photo: Getty Images.

The awkward gaffe did not go unnoticed online, with Globes viewers taking to Twitter in droves to remark on the cringe-worthy moment.

"Who thought this zoom award show was a good idea," asked one.

"This is a mess, I Love it," added another.

"And the zoom #GoldenGlobes are off to a great start!" joked a third.

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Photo: Twitter.

The 2021 Golden Globes look a little bit different to last year due to the pandemic, which pushed back proceedings by two months.

This year, the ceremony has been split into two, with co-host Amy Poehler presiding over the show from The Beverly Hilton in California while her fellow funny lady and pal Tina Fey does the same on the other side of the country from The Rainbow Room in New York City.

In-person red carpets at both locations still went ahead with stars such as Margot Robbie, Maya Rudolph and Angela Bassett turning up the glam. Many A-listers, however, stayed at home but were no less fancy in their awards show finery.

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