$2 Big W plastic bowls upcycled into designer-look table: 'Looks incredible'

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An Aussie DIY influencer has created a stunning totem side table from $2 Big W plastic bowls and $5 Bunnings' timber panels.

While designer versions of the totem trend can set you back $200 for a stool and thousands for a full-sized table, with a little imagination, elbow grease and patience, Noosa upcycling enthusiast Jaharn Quinn has created a unique side table for under $50!

"A side table made from $2 plastic bowls and a couple of round pine panels? Umm, yes please," she shared on Instagram.

Zig Zag totem homewares; DIY blogger Jaharn Quinn; Her designer look table made from $2 Big W plastic bowls and $5 wood from Bunnings
Jaharn Quinn shared her inspiration for her designer-look side table and the final result using $2 Big W bowls Photo: Instagram/@smorhome

Jaharn fell in love with the zigzag design of totem style modern furniture and decided to transform the unexpected items from Big W and Bunnings into a "high end" piece of furniture.

"One of my favourite aspects of making is seeing something I love and then breaking it down until I have figured out how I can make it myself, and put my own spin on it," she shared.


"Often, you’ll find me rummaging for the most unusual materials in the most unexpected places, but that’s why I love sharing the process and final reveals."

Jaharn glued the tops of pairs of bowls together using Selley's liquid nails, then glued the sets in a tower, with extra bowls at the base and top to create her zigzag totem.

She primed them before asking followers if she should paint or plaster the side table.

At left are unpainted but glued-together bowls in a tower; hands are seen plastering the tower; hand is seen painting a circular wooden board; finished product on a wooden floor, styled with vases and plants
Jaharn's step-by-step instructions for the table made with Big W bowls. Photo: Instagram/@smorhome

"Thank you to my lovely community here who voted I plaster the zigzag totem," she posted.

Jaharn then glued two round Specrite pine timber panels, just $5 each from Bunnings, together to create a chunky table top.

"I also want to thank @thelittleoilymama for her suggestion to whitewash the tabletop," she said.

"It’s a technique I have never used before and I honestly think it’s what brings the final look together - thank you!"

Having chosen to plaster, Jaharn had to sand the base before GL.

"I am forever grateful I have such an incredible community who are always by my side, cheering me on and helping me make decisions," she posted.

"I’ve come to really rely on this wonderfully supportive and creative community, so thank you!"

And her followers were enamoured with the result.

"Absolutely love it! It turned out so beautiful," one person commented.

"This looks incredible," another added.

We can't wait to see what Jaharn makes next!

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