Cleaning expert reveals hack using surprise item in every bathroom

We're always looking for quick and efficient ways to make the house sparkle without too much hard work and scrubbing.

When we saw this ingenious hack for making your bathroom sink sparkle, it went straight on our must-try list.

Home stylist and decluttering guru Anita Birges shared the hack on TikTok, explaining we have the perfect tools for a gleaming bathroom sink right before us.

Video stills showing a cleaning hack using toothpaste, a toothbrush and floss to clean the bathroom sink.
Cleaning hack alert! Just three ordinary bathroom products can get your sink sparkling clean. Photo: TikTok/@miseenplace_au

The "cleanfluencer" shows toothpaste, a toothbrush and dental floss give a perfect result.

"The bathroom sink cleaning hack every person should know," Anita posted.

"I'm going to show you how to clean your sink with things you already have in your bathroom; your toothbrush, your toothpaste and your dental floss.

"Give your sink a little rinse down ... get your toothpaste and put it all over the sink, around the tapware and around the drain

"Grab your toothbrush and give it a good scrub around the drain.

"And now this is the secret ... use the dental floss for around the tapware, because it's such an awkward area to get in."

Anita "flosses" nooks and crannies the brush can't get into.

"Give it a good flossing, rinse it all down and happy days," she concludes.

"You will be shocked to see what the dental floss cleans out around your taps," Anita warns.

"It’s pretty gross!"

Anita later commented the brush could be used around the taps.

A photograph of a clean white bathroom sink against a white background.
And the results speak for themselves! Photo: TikTok/@miseenplace_au

Followers thought it was a sparkling idea.

"Great tips. I do use toothpaste sometimes because I can't stand the smell of bleach products," one follower wrote on Instagram.

"I never thought of the dental floss, very cool."

"My kids can definitely help with the toothpaste part, they do that without even being asked," another added jokingly.

"Just in case it needs to be said ... lol, use an old toothbrush," one follower urged "and clearly label it as a CLEANING BRUSH".

Anita has amassed quite a following for her household tips and tricks, with 100,000 followers across her social media channels.

And it's easy to understand why - if it makes decluttering and cleaning my home easier, I'm all for it!

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