19 Celebrity Clapbacks That Left Interviewers Like Ellen Degeneres And Jimmy Fallon Speechless

19 Celebrity Clapbacks That Left Interviewers Like Ellen Degeneres And Jimmy Fallon Speechless

1.When Finn Wolfhard had the sassiest response for Jimmy Fallon:

A person in a suit is being sprayed with silly string during a humorous scene with captions: "Alright, come on. Can you read?", "Oh. Can I read???", "Yeah, can you?", and "Can you host?"
NBC / Via youtube.com

2.As did Dakota Johnson:

Dakota Johnson talks with Jimmy Fallon on a talk show. Text: "I-" "Do they allow dogs at the hotel?" "Aren't you supposed to let people talk on this show?"
NBC / Via youtube.com

3.When Lady Gaga got sick of David Letterman asking her if wild rumors about her were true (then not believing her when she answered) so she literally ate the paper with his questions on it:

Lady Gaga, dressed in edgy attire, and David Letterman during a talk show interview where Gaga dramatically rips and eats a paper, expressing frustration
CBS / Via youtube.com

4.When Diane Sawyer kept pushing Whitney Houston to explain why she was so thin and Whitney gave her the attitude she deserved:

Diane Sawyer interviews Whitney Houston, discussing a photo showing Houston with a very thin appearance
ABC / Via youtube.com

5.When Selena Gomez did NOT want to talk about her ex, Justin Bieber:

Two-screen image. Top: Hailey Bieber speaks with interviewer about Justin Bieber's impact on her life. Bottom: Selena Gomez speaking, expressing skepticism about genuine concern from others
Billboard / Via youtube.com

6.When an interviewer kept asking Ariana Grande about mean comments about her young appearance and she shut him down:

Image of Ariana Grande discussing various comments and questions about herself in a Twitter Q&A session, covering topics like McDonald's crowns and focusing on her career
Fairfax Media / Via youtube.com

7.When Nicole Kidman wanted to talk about more important things than her clapping at the 2017 Oscars:

Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper discuss a viral clapping technique at an awards show, with text explaining concern for jewelry safety and people’s reactions to the meme
CNN / Via youtube.com

8.When Prince called out Larry King for making up a word:

Prince and Larry King discussing the word "reminiscencer" on a talk show, with Prince laughing and commenting on his inventive use of language
CNN / Via youtube.com

9.When Naomi Campbell decided to own the label Barbara Walters gave her:

Barbara Walters interviews Naomi Campbell. Walters asks if people will still call Campbell a bitch in five years. Campbell hopes so, preferring a hardworking, loyal one
ABC / Via youtube.com

10.When Madonna ended David Letterman on his own show:

Madonna jokes with David Letterman on his talk show. She teases him about being a dweeb and becoming soft, saying he kisses up to guests on his show
CBS / Via youtube.com

11.And Cher did the same:

Cher in an interview with David Letterman. Cher says she thought she'd never do the show, referring to Letterman as "an asshole," and explains her comment
CBS / Via youtube.com

12.When Rihanna was asked about what she's looking for in a man, and she said "I'm not looking for a man, let's start there":

Rihanna, with long, wavy hair, wearing an ear cuff and an off-the-shoulder outfit, turns to face the camera at a celebrity event
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic via Getty Images

13.When Rosie O'Donnell called one of Mariah's dresses "trampy," and Mariah quickly shut her down:

Mariah Carey discussing wardrobe decisions on a talk show, mentioning being made to wear conservative outfits early in her career and now choosing dresses
NBC / Via youtube.com

14.When Justin Bieber subtly but politely shaded an interviewer who asked a dumb question:

Top image: Justin Bieber saying, "I have a little sister. She's a year and a half." Bottom image: Justin Bieber responding, "She's a year and a half," to the question, "You guys fight a lot?"
B96 Chicago / Via youtube.com

15.When Cate Blanchett was not here for the Glam Cam:

Cate Blanchett on the red carpet discusses her dress with a reporter; she bends down to mock the camera focusing on her outfit's lower part
E! / Via youtube.com

16.When Danny Pudi reminded Larry King of who he was talking to:

Larry King interviews Danny Pudi on "Larry King Now." They discuss luxury items, with Pudi humorously sharing he loves socks and coffee
Ora TV / Via youtube.com

17.When a reporter called Daniel Radcliffe an "unconventional" romantic lead because people had seen him play a young boy for so long, and he replied, "Well, the male population has had no problem sexualizing Emma Watson immediately":

Daniel Radcliffe smiles, wearing a gray suit jacket over a black top, with a lush greenery background
Jeff Spicer / Getty Images for Paramount Pictures

18.When Jimmy Kimmel indirectly called out James Corden by asking him to name two camera operators in the room, under the assumption that he couldn't:

Jimmy Kimmel asks James Corden to name two cameramen in the room; James Corden covers his face, laughing with milk glasses on the table
CBS / Via youtube.com

19.And finally, when Taylor Swift and Zac Efron sang an entire song to Ellen about her making them uncomfortable:

Zac Efron and Taylor Swift sing about Ellen always making them uncomfortable by asking about their dating lives
NBC / Via youtube.com

Watch the whole song here: