19 Of The Most Unfortunate People Who Just Had A Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much Worse Week Than You

19 Of The Most Unfortunate People Who Just Had A Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much, Much Worse Week Than You

If you just had the absolute worst week ever, just remember...

1.The person who paid a barber to mess up their entire world:

Man in a vehicle looking out of the front windshield with a short haircut
u/puzzleheadedturn6868 / Via reddit.com

2.The person who got a very, very rude awakening:

A single screw lies in the center of an empty round stool with a wooden background
u/dense-asumption1988 / Via reddit.com

3.The person who lost the avocado lottery:

Person holding a ripe avocado cut in half, showcasing the seed and green flesh
u/jaddyndmenny / Via reddit.com

4.The person who will be cleaning up detergent until the dang cows come home:

Washing machine leaks on floor in a utility room; laundry items and detergent nearby
u/massive_wash9528 / Via reddit.com

5.The person who learned a very valuable lesson that day:

Cracked car windshield viewed from inside, focusing on damage near rearview mirror
u/justhereforthebeer_ / Via reddit.com

6.The person whose oven is about 70% plastic:

melted baking sheet inside an oven

7.The person who went the wrong way... the very, very wrong way:

Person standing in muddy terrain with mud-covered boots and lower legs
u/countdankula19 / Via reddit.com

8.The person who forged a dang blade in their oven:

Pile of hair with scissors on a countertop
u/spying-sparrow / Via reddit.com

9.The person who's having impromptu dessert for dinner:

person mixing up vanilla extract and soy sauce while cooking rice

10.The person whose sandwich went absolutely NUCLEAR:

Person in a green shirt with a spilled condiment on it
u/thecamilocano / Via reddit.com

11.The person who's eating fried spatula for supper, just like ma used to make:

melted spatula on a stove

12.The person with Schrödinger's iPhone:

Person holding a smartphone with a damaged charging port

13.The person who found a mysterious entity in their waffle:

Hand holding a half-eaten waffle with a single visible chocolate chip
u/flossyourmolars / Via reddit.com

14.The person who's going their insides a fresh coat of paint:

person who drank paint water instead of coffee

15.The person who lives near some avian super fans of Jackson Pollock:

A white outdoor table with leaf shadows and small debris scattered on the surface
u/doctorbeers / Via reddit.com

16.The person who has their heater to thank for 2024's newest style:

Person showing side of waist, pulling up shirt to reveal elastic side of pants for adjustable fit
u/corgi-with-stilts / Via reddit.com

17.The person who sandwich is now in the great beyond:

A messy floor with a fallen sandwich, scattered cucumber slices, a cat litter box, and pink slippers
u/erifwodahs / Via reddit.com

18.There person who REALLY needed to get inside their house:

Hand holding a brass door knob and keys, with a door in the background
u/aylabadayla / Via reddit.com

19.And the person whose foot has seen things... terrible things:

Person holding their pruney foot after it has been soaked in water


u/some_zealot / Via reddit.com