18 Signs From The Past Week That Are Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Too Funny For Their Own Good

18 Signs From The Past Week That Are Way, Way, Way, Way, Way Too Funny For Their Own Good

Let's all gather 'round and enjoy some of the funniest signs of the week, courtesy of r/funnysigns. It's what we deserve!!!

1."Are you sure?"

A partially submerged boat with the ironic name "NO WORRIES" visible on its side

2."Who did this?"

Sign reads "PLEASE DO NOT USE SODA MACHINE TO WASH YOUR HANDS" on a soda fountain machine

3."Ya got milk?"

Billboard stating "NUT MILK IS NOT MILK" beside a road

4."What did they do?? I wanna know."

Sign with a wizard hat in a prohibitory circle, text reads "Wizards are prohibited. You know what you did."

5."Crowd surfing isn’t that exciting."

Sign on tree reads: "NO CROWDSURFING YOU WILL IMMEDIATELY BE EJACULATED" with a playground in the background

6."Never tried this before."

An Arby's sign with some letters unlit reads "RAT BEEF SANDWICH" instead of the full brand name and product

7."I'm guessing this sign has been stolen a few times."

Street sign reading "Horneytown Rd" with additional sign below stating "This sign has RFID and GPS tracking."

8."Come getcher bork!"

Sale sign for "Ground Bork" at $3.50 per pound, indicating a grocery store meat section

9."How tf did I end up here?"

Welcome sign for the town called Accident with town seal, against a backdrop of a road and sky

10."OK, bucket list."

Sign in a bar reads "DON'T DO DRUGS IN OUR BATHROOMS, SEX IS OK" above a shelf of bottles

11."Not sure I could eat a whole one…"

Sign states "RESTROOM IS FOR EATING CUSTOMERS ONLY," above a standard restroom sign with male and female symbols

12."Stupid, illiterate water thief."

A seagull is peering into a water bowl labeled "DOGS ONLY No Seagulls."

13."Why don't you ex-presso?"

Sign with joke: "WHAT DO YOU CALL A SAD CUP OF COFFEE? DEPRESSO" displayed outside, with a grass field and building in the background

14."Just to flex my dog right here."

Lost poster for a dog named Max with an instruction for the dog to call home if it reads the poster

15."Something tells me this will not help my stomach."

Store shelf with assorted office supplies under a "stomach relief" sign

16."Right or left?"

Traffic sign with a left arrow above a "KEEP RIGHT" sign, creating a contradictory message

17."Oh I SEEEE."

Paper with "EARTHQUAKE DETECTION KIT" text and two googly eyes attached

18."We buy souls."

Multiple humorous signs on a pole offering services such as "We Buy Souls" and "Lose 2 inches in 30 minutes, Guaranteed."

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