17 Signs From The Past Week That Made Me Laugh So Hard, I Blacked Out For A Second And Saw The Other Side

17 Signs From The Past Week That Made Me Laugh So Hard, I Blacked Out For A Second And Saw The Other Side

You've made it through yet another week (I'm so proud of you!!!), so as a treat, please enjoy the funniest signs from this week, courtesy of r/funnysigns:

1."Please recifty this."

Notice on a wall asking to report toilet issues to staff. "Rectify this!" handwritten at the bottom

2."Who counts rice?"

A refrigerator shelf with a labeled takeout container that reads, "DO NOT EAT MY LUNCH! I have 7 shrimp and 4,639 rice." Surrounding items include Reddi-wip, chicken stock, soy sauce, and oatmeal

3."First grade memories."

Child's drawing showing a smiling person in a chef's hat with the text "My dad is the best cook ever!" at the top

4."Hunger games."

Note in fridge says, "Hello, I want to play a game... 3 liquids in the fridge have been mixed with laxative... Will you die of thirst or face your fears? Let the games begin..."

5."Don’t make someone cry."

Rear window of a white car displaying a decal that reads, "Please let me merge before I start crying."

6."What did John do?"

Men working sign with added text saying, "Except John. That guy does nothing."

7."Thanks for the motivation."

A poster instructing proper lifting technique with a humorous handwritten note that says, "Remember: slap ass for motivation!!!" at the bottom

8."What happened here…"

Sign reading "Danger: Do Not Feed Hallucinogens to Alligators" with illustrations of an alligator and mushrooms

9."This is actually a good pun."

A sign reads, "Frog parking only. All others will be toad!" in front of a pond with greenery and rocks

10."Testing your reflexes."

Highway electronic sign reads: "DON'T DRIVE DISTRACT... SQUIRREL!" Road signs direct to Bowers Beach, Magnolia, Dover, and Wilmington

11."Don’t drive safely."

Poster reads: "Capita. DON'T DIe DrIVe SAFELY" with a road sign graphic saying "SAFELY". The message is to encourage safe driving.

12."Glad someone did the right thing."

A sign in a parking lot that reads, "BEWARE OF POLE WHEN REVERSING," with a pole directly behind it

13."Unnecessary necessities."

Storefront with a sign reading "UNNECESSARY NECESSITIES: If You Need It, We Don't Sell It!" An inflatable green alien, rainbow flag, and various banners are displayed

14."Always help with the dishes, or else..."

House with a skeleton decoration hanging and a sign that reads "HE WOULD NOT HELP WITH DISHES."

15."At least they’re honest about it…"

A handwritten sign on a Starbucks window reads: "Close because someone shit on the floor" with a sad face emoji drawn below the text

16."Joe is a walking hazard."

Sign reads, "This work center has been accident-free since Joe left." Below, it says, "Safety • Quality • Excellence." Sign is on a chain-link fence

17."Don't slip!"

Banana-shaped wet floor caution sign with "NAR CLEAN" and "CAUTION! WET FLOOR" text. Sign has a black tip and is positioned in a corner

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