15 Details And Easter Eggs From The First "Agatha All Along" Teaser Trailer That Are Absolutely Perfect

Hi, yes, hello. One of my most anticipated TV shows this fall is definitely Agatha All Along, the spinoff of WandaVision which will follow Agatha Harkness (Kathryn Hahn).

Kathryn Hahn in a promotional poster for "Agatha: All Along" on Disney+. The poster features the text "Revenge is a witch" and the release date "September 18."
Marvel Television / Disney+

If you were around during the WandaVision days, then you know there are two things I love: Wanda Maximoff and Marvel Easter eggs. So, it's no surprise I am gearing up for Agatha All Along to be filled to the brim with them.

Top frame: Agatha Harkness extending her arms, middle frame: Wanda Maximoff looking concerned, bottom frame: Agatha Harkness with a determined expression
Marvel / Disney+

The new Marvel series is created by Jac Schaeffer, who also created WandaVision, and follows Agatha, who finds herself trapped in Westview after Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) cursed her and left her behind. Now, Agatha is trying to regain her power as she decides to walk the Witches' Road.

Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness holds a glowing object in the forest in a scene from "Agatha All Along"
Marvel / Disney+ / Via youtube.com

In this new series Kathryn is joined by some familiar WandaVision faces, like Debra Jo Rupp, but there are also a ton of new actors joining, like Aubrey Plaza, Joe Locke, Patti LuPone, Sasheer Zamata, and more.

Aubrey Plaza in a hooded medieval-style outfit; Patti LuPone in vintage attire with curly hair, both in scenes from 'Agatha: Coven of Chaos'

A lot of their roles are being kept very under wraps.

Marvel / Disney+ / Via youtube.com

And now, we have our first teaser trailer for Agatha All Along, so I am putting on my Marvel detective hat once again to bring you 15 details and Easter eggs I spotted:

1.First, the teaser trailer opens with Agatha driving to a crime scene where she's a detective, and based on the whole vibe (and accents), it's likely an homage to Mare of Easttown.

Kate Winslet, in casual outdoor clothing, holds two coffee cups and walks through a misty road; later, she is in the woods carrying a backpack

2.The detective Agatha meets up with is played by David A. Payton, who starred in WandaVision as "Herb," Wanda and Vision's neighbor. So, this also means this is likely all happening inside Westview, aka Wanda's old Hex.

Top: Police officers at a crime scene with Westview Police cars. Bottom: WandaVision characters Kathryn Hahn and David Payton outdoors in a conversation
Marvel / Disney+ / Via youtube.com

3.Of course, when the trailer zooms in on the body the police have uncovered down by the water, you can see the tips of the person's fingers are black, which is likely meant to resemble Wanda and Agatha after they both start using the Darkhold.

  Marvel / Disney+ / Via youtube.com
Marvel / Disney+ / Via youtube.com

4.The body that is found is also wearing a hoodie and jeans, which is similar to what Wanda was wearing the last time she was seen in Westview in the WandaVision series finale.

  Marvel / Disney+ / Via youtube.com
Marvel / Disney+ / Via youtube.com

5.When Wanda's name appears on the card, you can see that it's actually a library book card, with the phrase "State of New Jersey Public Library. Westview Branch #53961" seen on the bottom.

Kathryn Hahn appears concerned in a hospital scene; inset shows a library card dated October 13 from the State of New Jersey Public Library, Westview Branch
Marvel / Disney+ / Via youtube.com

6.Also, I always believe no number is put into a Marvel show without meaning, so #53961 is the number of a reality involving Doctor Strange and Gina Atwater, aka a version of Christine Palmer, where Gina is a Sorcerer Supreme.

A yellow library card from Westview Branch #53061

7.And, as for the dates on the card, Feb. 16 is Elizabeth Olsen's birthday.

Top half: Library card with dates and "W. Maximoff" signature. Bottom half: Wanda Maximoff in a dramatic scene, wearing a jacket with a background of red energy
Marvel / Disney+ / Via youtube.com

8.Meanwhile, Aug. 28 is Jack Kirby's birthday, a Marvel comic book artist who helped create Wanda Maximoff alongside Stan Lee, whose birthday was Dec. 28, which is also on the card.

Close-up of a library card with dates, followed by a scene from a movie featuring Scarlet Witch, played by Elizabeth Olsen, with glowing red energy in her hand
Marvel / Disney+ / Via youtube.com

9.And, June 2 was also the date Bridget Bishop was the first person to be tried and convicted of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts.

A close-up of a date list with entries "Feb 16," "Aug 28," "Jun 02," "Dec 28," and "Jan 21." Below, a woman in distress screams with a serious, darkly dressed woman in the background

It's also Kevin Feige's birthday and the date of Agnes and Ralph's anniversary in WandaVision.

Marvel / Disney+ / Via youtube.com

10.When Agatha "claws" her way out of Wanda's spell in the trailer, you can see glimpses of Agatha's various outfits when she was trapped inside Wanda's hex in Westview. Like, here's Agatha wearing her workout clothes from WandaVision Episode 5.

Top: Kathryn Hahn in an 80's workoutcostume looking into a mirror. Bottom: Kathryn Hahn (left) and Elizabeth Olsen (right) in 1980s-themed outfits in a TV scene
Marvel / Disney+ / Via youtube.com

11.The song that plays throughout the trailer is Florence + the Machine's "Seven Devils." And, from the trailer, you can see that there are seven members of Agatha's coven.

Kathryn Hahn as Agatha Harkness
Marvel / Disney+ / Via youtube.com

12.When Agatha and her coven are opening a door on the floor, you can see it's in the shape of a pentagon, aka a five-sided shape. Pentagrams are very significant when it comes to witchcraft.

  Marvel / Disney+ / Via youtube.com
Marvel / Disney+ / Via youtube.com

13.Agatha mentions walking the Witches' Road, which is when I started to have a full-blown freak-out because the Witches' Road storyline from the Scarlet Witch comics from 2015 has been something I have been praying for them to touch on in the MCU.

The run of comics featuring the Witches' Road was written by James Robinson. The story follows the Scarlet Witch, aka Wanda Maximoff, who journeys across the globe to try and fix witchcraft, which is broken.

Please enjoy this selfie with me and Scarlet Witch Issue #1, which hangs proudly on my wall in my apartment.

Nora, wearing a cap, holds up a framed Scarlet Witch comic book

Please also enjoy having your own little Easter eggs hunt as you spot all the other various nerdy things in my home.

Nora Dominick / BuzzFeed

14.Now, we also get a glimpse of Joe Locke's character in Agatha All Along, and while everything about him is being kept pretty under wraps, I will die on the hill that he is playing Billy Kaplan, aka Wiccan, aka Wanda's son.

In the comics, Billy Kaplan is born basically using the soul of Wanda's son after Mephisto — LOL, yes, he is relevant again after all the WandaVision theories — reclaimed Wanda and Vision's twin boys. Billy Kaplan's favorite Avenger is the Scarlet Witch, too.He's also part of the Young Avengers, so yes, everything is coming together if Joe actually ends up playing Billy Kaplan. Also, if Joe gets to play Billy, who is canonically queer in the comics, I will simply be so happy, too.

15.And finally, there's a moment in the trailer when you can see Joe's character in a red and white shirt and a blue sweatband, which is similar to what Billy Maximoff wore in WandaVision during the Halloween episode, and it's similar to Wiccan's look in the comics.

Top: Young boy in athletic clothing, hiding under a table.Bottom: Same boy, now in a red costume, looking back indoors
Marvel / Disney+ / Via youtube.com

You can watch the full Agatha All Along teaser trailer below:

Did you spot any more details/Easter eggs in the teaser? Have a better theory for something I mentioned above? Tell me everything in the comments below!

Agatha All Along starts streaming on Disney+ with the first two episodes on Sept. 18, 2024.