'1000-Lb Sisters' Fans Praise Tammy Slaton for Being 'So Sweet and Genuine' in Cameo Video

Tammy Slaton from TLC's '1000-Lb Sisters'

Those who tune into TLC's 1000-Lb Sisters are used to seeing Tammy Slaton's sassy personality. However, fans saw a more genuine side of the reality star when a TikTok user posted a Cameo video they received from her.

On May 31, a TikTok user shared, "I surprised my friend with a cameo from Tammy for 1000 lbs Sister for his graduation gift," along with a reaction clip from their friend with the Cameo video itself overlaid on top.

"Hey, Jackson! Or should I say, 'Pookie.' This is Tammy from 1000-Lb Sisters," Slaton, 37, began her message. "And I want to congratulate you on graduating high school."

She continued: "I'm sorry that you were bullied for being gay, but you are going to college to become a teacher. Like, that's amazing. Congratulations. We do need really good teachers nowadays."

In the Cameo video, Slaton then shared a string of popular quotes from the TLC show, telling Jackson to "drink you a sodie because you definitely deserve it," and "pay your bills, your bills are paid."  She also declared, "Try being my size, Amy, you don't know how it is."

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Slaton concluded her message by congratulating the high school graduate.

"I hope you have an amazing time. And again, I'm sorry that you got bullied for trying to be yourself," she said. "You know what, like, forget 'em. You know I'm gay. So like, I understand. It is hard out here."

In the comments, TikTok users shared their reactions to Slaton's thoughtful message. One person wrote, "She actually put time and effort into it🙏," to which the original poster replied, "Worth every penny tbh."

Another person commented, "the random catchphrase was so funny lmaooo," while someone else pointed out, "Wait she's actually so sweet and genuine 😭🥹."

Meanwhile, yet another TikTok user declared, "this might just be the best cameo i've ever seen."

Slaton previously shared that she was pansexual on 1000-Lb Sisters. However, since her husband, Caleb Willingham, died in June 2023, she stated she was "like a lesbian" in a January TikTok video.

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