Zoë Foster Blake gets real about sharing pictures of Sonny on social media

Beauty guru Zoë Foster Blake has revealed that it would be very "inauthentic" of her and husband Hamish Blake not to share photos of their adorable son Sonny Blake on social media.

The 35-year-old author and mum-of-one, who regularly uploads pictures to her Instagram account of her very cute family told Be it would be "strange" if she and her husband of four years were to pretend they didn't have a son, who they both adore and is a huge part of their everyday lives.

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"For us personally, Sonny is a huge part of our lives and we are public figures," Zoë said.

Zoe is pictured with her husband and comedian Hamish Blake and their son Sonny Blake. Photo: Instagram.
Zoe is pictured with her husband and comedian Hamish Blake and their son Sonny Blake. Photo: Instagram.

"My husband’s work and my work rely on relatability and writing personally - or in his case (Hamish’s) talking personally about his life - so I think it would be more strange for us to completely hide the fact that we have a child."

Zoë said she doesn't judge anyone who decides to post pictures of their children online, as it's their prerogative.

"It’s not like we’re gross about it," she said, referring to her and comedian Hamish's social media posts.

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"if I’m honest, it’s just about the captions for us. We’re just having fun.

"Especially as a mum who works from home and has a kid at home, it’s my whole life. It would be very inauthentic for me to pretend that I don’t have a son who I adore and I see every day.

"I think the paramount thing is that every parent does what’s right for them and I’m not going to judge other parents."

The young mum, who fractured her pubis and was on crutches for weeks after giving birth to Sonny said she's concentrating on getting strong again after her first pregnancy before thinking about baby number two.

"I think anyone who’s got a two-year-old starts to think about it," she said about trying for another baby.

"I was on crutches for ages (after giving birth to Sonny) and it took well over a year of Osteo and pilates and I’m still doing both of those to get strong again.

"So it’s not about me having a baby straight away, it’s more about making sure my body’s ready because I’m not going to go down that path until I feel completely strong and it’s only just now I do start to feel strong."

The former beauty editor at Cosmopolitan magazine, has just released a sequel to her skincare book Amazing Face, which she aptly called Amazinger Face, a beauty tips and tricks guide, which gives women the lo-down on simple beauty dilemmas - like how to pick the perfect lipstick shade for your skintone and which foundation or sunscreen is best for you.

The adorable family on holiday. Photo: Instagram.
The adorable family on holiday. Photo: Instagram.

She told Be she's not a fan of the contouring Kardashian make-up effect and prefers a minimal look instead.

"I think the Kardashian effect is interesting because basically anything they talk about becomes a trend," Foster Blake said.

"When Kim talked about strobing and contouring she pretty much single-handily drove that but I think it’s really hard to do yourself.

"I don’t know if it’s necessary. I’m pretty anti-contouring actually."

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